Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
US, Mexico, Canada leaders launch talks
Drug gangs, flu dominate N. Am. summit
Obama: Immigration bill coming this year
Al Qaeda blamed for Iraq violence wave
Taliban spokesman says Mehsud is alive
Killers of US official could escape death
US: Taliban have Afghan momentum
Disruption of town halls un-American?
Palin urges restraint at town halls
Obama Open to Health Cooperatives
Father of handicapped & Dingell's thugs?

Hillary: I'm Sec. of State, not Bill

Clinton Presses Congo on Sex Violence
Burma Court Finds Suu Kyi Guilty
Cuba running out of toilet paper
Eunice Shriver dies at 88
GM dealers to sell cars on eBay
AIG Posts $1.82 Billion Profit
Congress drops $550 million on new jets
Twitter DDoS Attack Politically Motivated
Bank to allow check deposit via iPhone app
Great Train Robber Biggs released
Mudslide buries up to 600
Hudson River crash was inevitable?
47 Stuck on Tarmac 6 Hours
Cops questioned Pa. gunman
Cocaine killed Billy Mays?
Woman duped into changing diapers
Tiger Woods Fined for Speaking out
Gators top coaches' preseason poll
Octo-Mom TV Special Announced
Judge approves Michael Jackson film
Jackson's mother objects to deals
GI Joe: The Sequel?
Miller Burns Breasts w/ 'GI Joe'
Kate breaks silence in interview
Kim Kardashian goes blonde!
Atmosphere On Distant Planet
New Artificial Bone Made of Wood

Of Local Interest:
Metro Atlanta 112th in per capita income
Big turnout for health forum
Reed pushes mayoral bid with radio ad
Atlanta mayoral candidates talk crime
Top cop's wife accused of theft
Trial continues for terror suspect
Family asks boxer's killer to surrender
White back at practice for Falcons
“Mercy killings” spur debate
Fatal hit-and-run in DeKalb
Kids unhurt in home invasion
Lilburn aims to relax liquor laws
Woman leaves kids in car
'Housewife' Nene writes book
Colleges campaign w/ billboards
Sister to testify on accused terrorist
David Scott's Town Hall Tirade
The big lie: 'I wasn't cheating'
Shots Fired Near UGA, Cops Investigate
ESPN Gameday To Be In ATL
Scorned lovers to appear in court
GSU presidents want 12 furlough days
Police: Marietta woman kills husband

Divers may have found Hudson plane
Racial tensions ignited prison riot?
Shriver Remains In Critical Condition
Tropical storm possible in Atlantic: NHC
Continental apologizes to trapped psgrs
Death toll 8 in CA police chase
Dallas girl, 14, jailed w/ adults for 10 days
Higher ed's future taking shape
Idaho ranchers embrace deal

Blagojevich v. Elvis: You Be the Judge
Palin 'effects change' - one tweet at time
Energy summit begins amid protests
Limbaugh compares Dems to Nazis
GOP gives McDonnell national stage
2009/2010: Deeds and abortion
NH bulwark for Clinton in jeopardy

As the World Turns:
Sarkozy moves to free woman in Iran
Fatah awaits congress vote result
Bill To Allow Russia's Mil. Intervention
Bill Clinton Shows What He's Good At
Spain seeks woman in bomb probe
Honduras to admit diplomatic mission
Climate talks: New emissions pledges
Kids' DNA used to ID terror suspect
Finland gold in Sauna Championships

In Sport:
Kane's alleged cabbie incident
TO makes Hall of Fame case
The Lakers, on Kurt Rambis' exit
Celtics re-sign F Davis
Fans congratulate Tiger Woods
Big Ten preseason power rankings
A good run of bad luck
Nuggets lose Kleiza to Europe
Rain Tires For Sprint Cars?

The Economy, Stupid:
The Fed: Which Way to the Exit?
State Street: Legal reserve not enough?
Stocks Take a Step Back
Freddie Mac Shares Surge On Profit
US recession seen ending in Q3
Oil Prices Edge Lower
'Cash-for-clunkers' worries charities

Barnes & Noble to buy college bookstores
Dish Network profit down, subscribers up
Nortel's Zafirovski Steps Down
Publicis Lands a Digital Fish
Deadline day for bids on Frontier Airlines
Maguire Prop. not considering bankruptcy
Sysco 4Q earnings down nearly 6pct
Dynegy Loss Widens, Confirms Deal

iPhone App Deposits Bank Checks
Toshiba To Ship Blu-ray Players
Tr.im URL Shortener Axed
Twitter hack spawns spam
An Apple Board of Dir. for the 2010s
Dell's Mistake: Killing 12-Inch Netbook

Perseids Meteor Shower Begins Wed.
World's Largest Telescope Unveiled
Tiny deer among new Himalayan species
Saturn's rings to disappear Tuesday
Spain Records 9th Swine Flu Death
NIH to develop swine flu vaccine
China lifts blockade on plague-hit town
Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin

The Game:
Guitar Hero 5 gets ready to rock
Games: 'Recession resistant' or doomed?
Man stabbed over game argument
'Brutal Legend' to include Sabbath
EA Targets "GI Joe," and Future
Fab Four reunion for a new gen.