Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Obama to Address Congress on Health Care
Obama readies "new phase" in HC debate
Obama to spend another $2.7 bln on H1N1
September 8th: National Skip School Day?

Green Jobs Czar Says Republicans Are ‘A**holes’

US stocks prolong losing streak
Schilling expresses
interest in Kennedy seat
Afghan spy boss killed in attack
Guards 'hosted naked parties at embassy'
Al-Qaida now using Rectum Bombs!
Sawyer to replace
Gibson as ABC News anchor
Japan's new first
lady rode in a spaceship?
Official: L.A. forest fire human caused
Firefighters Push Back Blaze in Calif.

Levi Johnston Dishes on Palins
"Not much parenting at Palin home"
Johnston Questions Palin's Hunting Cred
Student shot at Skyline College
Pfizer settles case for $2.3B
Space clown plans global show
Ben & Jerry's Renames
'Chubby Hubby' to 'Hubby Hubby'
Community saves 'cat colony' of 110
Man's heartbeat stops for 45 minutes
Boy, 12, arrested for DUI crash
Stranger slaps crying kid
Armless man must show thumbprint
Google's Gmail Outage
YouTube Considers Pay Movies
Brandon Marshall to Jets?
Broncos accuse Jets of tampering w/ Marshall
DJ AM: Nine
OxyContin pills in body
MJ to Pay for Own Funeral
Brown's service includes manual labor
Houston, we have a problem
Usher's ex goes after the haters
Gosselin Goes Clubbing w/ Bodyguard
Springer to host 'America's Got Talent'


Of Local Interest:
Northeast Ga. pastor killed in drug sting
Oops! Atlanta road mistakenly repaved
14th Street Bridge to reopen today
Fulton giving Grady $10M
Duo plead guilty to ticket-fixing
Helms' homer deflates Braves
Listeria discovery prompts Eggo recall
Emory creates swine flu dorm
Lottery ticket brings $1M payout
Grandmother was killed for $2
John Mayer pays off ATL mugshot bet
Murder cases get help from Comcast
Atlanta water billing to be revamped
Restaurant investigated for prostitution
Buckhead Condo Arsonist Named
Do Swine Flu PSAs Work on Kids?
Alleged Arsonist Caught in Act
Gwinnett Medical faces fight
Suspect made off w/ police car

BP drills 'giant' oil well
Museum Shooting Suspect: Frail, Defiant
Tropical Storm Erika weakens
Will It Ever Be OK to Use 9/11 in Ad?
3rd suspect arrested in doctor's death
Slight gains in exit exam results
The right kind of college rankings
Three killed in Texas stand-off
Maine signs MMA bill into law

'Hey! Obama! Leave them kids alone'
School district won't share Obama speech
Obama heads back on vacation
Obama's approval rating tumbles
No reprieve for Columbus post offices
McDonnell lead grows in new poll
GOP piles on Pelosi, Rangel
Hynes wants higher taxes on wealthy
Democrats hit back at Cheney
GOP urges Obama to 'protect seniors'

As the World Turns:
Lockerbie Bomber Hospitalized in Libya
Afghanistan: Back from the brink?
Strong Indonesian quake kills 33
Hurricane in Baja Weakens
6 nations meet on Iran's nukes
India emissions 'triple by 2030'
India leader's helicopter missing
Canada Liberals' resolve firm

In Sport:
Rio celebrates Olympic assessment report
Serena joins Venus in 3rd round at US Open
Safin Doesn't Go Quietly Into Night
All Is Well With Nadal in Return
Panthers hire Morrison as president
French fates split in New York
Boone set for MLB return after heart surgery
Dungy Expects Vick Ruling 'Fairly Soon'
Rachel draws post 3 for Woodward
Luongo agrees to 12-year extension

The Economy, Stupid:
SEC investigation: We missed Madoff
Fed's Lockhart: Still no inflation in sight
SEC, CFTC cautious amid calls to end war
SW Air to charge $10 to board early
Traders Remain Cautious After Report
Opel's Fate Still Unclear
Factory orders up 4th straight month
Stocks struggle to rise
Let's Wind Down Fannie and Freddie

Gmail's Case of the Tuesdays
Is 3-D Really The Future?
Nokia debuts X6 and X3 music phones
MS: Desperate to Kill Vista and XP?
Is Nokia's Netbook Too Expensive?
Snow Leopard's Keyboard: iTablet?
The A-to-Z of vmware suitors
Steve Jobs to Host Apple Launch

"Electronic Tongue" Mimics Human Taste
Astronauts Complete Spacewalk
Bats Woo Using Love Songs
Will Asia Run Out of Water?
Contractors Dig Up Historic Landfill
Rail line remnants studied for significance

The Game:
How games change your brain
Xbox 360 'Least Reliable' Console
Bad Times For Video Game Industry
Game Review: 'Splosion Man'
Forza Motorsport 3 preview
Is Avatar a glorified video game?
Arcade Games: Where to Find Them
Gameloft hearts the App Store