Friday, September 4, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Obama wants healthcare done in month
Liberals Target Obama on Public Option
“Green jobs” czar Van Jones is a Truther?
Prez address to kids prompts dustup
I pledge allegiance to Barack Obama?
Biden Touts Recovery Act
Biden ignores problems with stimulus
DNC to run spots on stimulus
Biden alludes to 'former governor'
YouTube Swine Flu Channel
Levi Johnston: I'll strip for Playgirl
Palin can't cook, can't shoot: Levi

Montel Urges Congresswoman To Kill Herself

Finger bitten off during health protest

Fox Business Cedes Morning to Imus
US has paid donly $500M for 'Clunkers'
Taxi Explodes Near Times Square
Teen fears for life
after changing religion
No parole for dying Manson cohort
Man eats own feces in court
Garrido accused of attacking 2 others
Family of kidnap girl "reconnecting"
Schwarzenegger gets look at ruins
LA Fire Was Arson, Officials Say
Catfish used to clean pools in homes
Zoo tumbler an adult, not teen
Drunk Nun Nearly Kills Kids
Pot farms getting closer to tourist spots
Vick can play in 3rd NFL game
Bucs fire offensive coordinator
End-zone scrum ends football game
Oudin, 17, pulls upset at US Open
Oprah to Chris Brown -- Get Help
Donny Osmond works on 'sexy dance'
DJ AM Laid to Rest in L.A.
Michael Jackson laid to rest
2012: The end of the world?
Bing and Ping: Share Search Results
Amazon Makes Noise In Google Books Case

Of Local Interest:
'Housewife' poses topless for charity
14th St Bridge reopens after 15 months
Emory, Grady require flu shots
Fathers to walk kids to school
McDonough chief's wife indicted
Witness questioned in Clark ATL killing
Bond denied in child slapping
GT inaugurating new president
Dunlop shuts plant in DeKalb
State workers to sit out Friday
Anti-crime activist enters mayor race
Welcome Guests In Thrasherville
CEOs: Economy has been worse
YouTube vid leads to arrest warrant
Labor Day Weekend: Last call for summer
Usher's ex goes Upscale
Former Cabinet Secretary, UPS Honored

NJ jail guard kills self during lunch
Judge orders teachers back in classroom
Firefighters making progress on CA blaze
FAA to restructure NY air space
Schools Handling (Or Not) Swine Flu
Gay Marriage Law in Hands of Voters

Gov't to hire 270,000 by 2012
Meet the Green Jobs Czar: Van Jones
USDA to buy $30 million worth of pork
Kennedy: Chappaquiddick 'inexcusable'
The Supreme Court and change
Charlie Rangel's voodoo economics
Bob McDonnell, GOD and the GOP
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?

As the World Turns:
Syringe attacks spark protest in China
Indonesia quake death toll to rise
US halts aid over Honduras coup
Unrest in Gabon as win disputed
'Deep regret' at India politician's death
Ahmadinejad Dismisses
Sanctions Talk
Iraq body confirmed as UK hostage
Greece heads for early election in Oct.
Jimena Weakens to Tropical Storm
Afghan election fraud row mounts
China denies US reporters seized in China

In Sport:
Viewer's guide to the NFL season
Safina Advances After Another Struggle
Oudin Scores Major Upset
OU tight end suffers knee injury
Boise State, Oregon coaches show respect
Play-by-play: White Sox at Cubs
Bucs Fire Jagodzinski
Women Take Center Stage at Night
Air quality for game passes test
Washburn will skip start to rest knee

The Economy, Stupid:
Gas prices fall as Labor Day approaches
Services index rebounds in August
European regulators probe Oracle-Sun
Retailers Show Best Results in a Year
New jobless claims dip less than expected
Shares fall sharply for Hovnanian Enterprises
Remarks Spark Shanghai Rally
Airbus confident ahead of WTO decision
Mortgage rates dip a bit
Opel workers to withdraw concessions?

Snow Leopard 'Spinning Wheel Of Death'
Arctic Study: New Gl. Warming Evidence
Sprint Unveils Google Android Phone
The iPhone's Bandwidth Problem
Sony Ericsson Rolls Xperia X2
Spacewalkers To Install Ammonia Tank
Amazon slams Google book deal
Homemade Solar Panels Fuel Hopes
HTC Intros Touch 2 Smartphone
Toshiba BDX2000 Blu-ray player
Will Asia Run Out of Water?
Nokia Unveils Windows 7 Netbook

The Game:
What are the benefits of Tetris?
Dead to Rights: Retribution
Ion Assault Hands On
Gamer Doc(TM) Going Strong
Coaches using video games to teach
Video Game Franchise Makeovers