Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
US Stocks Hit New '09 Highs!
Bernanke declares recession over
Stocks rise on retail sales, data
Bernanke Sees Recovery, Defends Fed
Obama: Auto Industry Turning Around
White House Maps Out Emissions Rules
Audio of Obama calling Kanye a jackass
President's opinion of Kanye sparks debate
Obama Rallies Labor Movement
Letterman next for Obama media blitz
Bill Clinton Backs Newsom in California
Michael Moore unveils 'Capitalism'

Charlie Gibson: Don't Know Nothin' About ACORN

ACORN worker admits murder of husband?

House rebukes Wilson for heckling
Carter: Wilson's outburst racist
House issues rules for insulting prez
US 'may need more Afghan troops'
Special forces targeted al-Qaida in Somalia
Israel to fight UN report on Gaza war crimes
Canada to avoid immediate election
Iraqi Shoe-Thrower Released from Prison
Shoe-thrower claims he was tortured in jail
VP Biden in Baghdad, 3rd 2009 visit
Iran must address nuclear issue: Clinton
US planning to weaken
Copenhagen climate deal?
French firm plans suicide hotline
Cause of Death Will Not Be Released
Promising Life, Ends in Lab Basement
Teen hugs, stabs mom in back
Vein problems delay execution
Electric motorcycle hits 150 mph
Man wins ladies only poker tournament
The World's First Cougar Cruise!
Crop Circles Google Earth
Your shower may be
blasting you with germs
Vick off exempt list
Hollywood mourns Swayze
Swayze: The YouTube Appreciation
Leno pulls 18 million in debut
Same Jay, but 10 o'clock different
The Swift-West Spectacle
West calls Swift after 'View'
Houston: God Keeps Me Off Drugs
Potter Theme Park to Open in Spring
Simpson's Dog Snatched by Coyote
The Fray sues manager over copyrights
Gosselin makes waves with new hairstyle
DeLay injured in 'Dancing' rehearsal

Eric Von Haessler Appears on Podcast

Of Local Interest:
Voters reject Sunday drinks
SWAT standoff ends in arrest
Gay Bar Supporters Head to City Hall
Lisa Borders puts up the first TV ad
Eyeing gov. race, senator quits
Motorcyclists escort WTC beam
Oudin hits talk-show circuit
Reservist beaten in front of kid
Sunday beer run goes wrong
Questions about fatal crash
6-year-old hit by school bus
Heavy rains expected all week
Gwinnett schools up for prize
Beverly Hall closing after 50 yrs
Who knew of King's 'love letter'?
AARP loses motion in AGL case
Tax soda? Outrageous, Coke chief says
'Color Purple' ticket discount
AirTran Adds Aruba Flights
Judge orders MLK's children to talk
SunTrust CEO wants to repay TARP

NYC Wants to Ban Smoking in Parks
Boston Train Crash Leaves Several Hurt
Student stabbed at Fla. school
CA tax overhaul plan almost ready
$135 mln to fix damage to TX coast
Inspiration for movie 'Norma Rae' dies
Serial Bank Robbery Suspect Arraigned
Burglar killed cat in washing machine
Student Fells Intruder w/ Samurai Sword
Feds consider Maine's truck weight
Ivan - Gulf storm forgotten by many

Senate cuts ACORN funds
Beck breaks down ACORN coverage
NY Homes Raided in Terror Probe
Khazei pulls papers for Senate run
Labor in focus as Obama hits road
Czar is a nick name, not a job title
Nunn eligible for death penalty
Med coverage improves for working poor
Local man won't run for Kennedy's seat
Primary contests hinge on turnout

As the World Turns:
Obama's options in Afghan war
Key excerpts: UN Gaza report
Medvedev not ruling out run in 2012
Brown Admits Spending Cuts Needed
Japan next PM picks banking minister
Conditioning a US-Iranian Dialogue
Norway Keeps Leftists in Power
Musharraf guaranteed 'safe exit'

In Sport:
Playoff atmosphere from coast to coast
Vick off exempt list, on roster
Bills defenders gather no Moss
Eagles' Andrews placed on IR
Morneau's season ends with back injury
Del Potro qualifies for ATP finals
Riley, Spoelstra taking cuts in salary
Taylor to quit top post at Uefa
Price recovers after rough start
Garcia returns to Philly
Bruins put faith in Richard Brehaut
Dogs' D searching for answer

The Economy, Stupid:
Retail sales driven sharply higher
Stocks in tug of war
Airlines May Lose $11 Billion
Kroger Posts Lower Profit
Retail stocks drop, Best Buy misses mark
Unscrewing Shareholders
Bayer: Thermo Fisher exec is next CEO
Another new chief counsel at Apple
Comeback For Credit Cards?
EU extends invest. into ING state aid
A Mad Dash for Smart Grid Cash
Retail Data Give Crude Small Boost
Cracker Barrel rises, 4Q profit tops views

Microsoft Zune HD: Under the hood
Google turns page on news content
First Look: 2010 Volkswagen Golf R
Comparing today's top US smartphones
Lenovo unveils multi-touch ThinkPads
Adobe to buy Omniture for $1.8 billion
Jupiter "Kidnapped" a Comet for 12 Yrs
Wii To Get $50 Price Cut?
HP Gets Green With Envy
Five Top Cybersecurity Risks
Learning from the NY Times Attack Ad

The Game:
MotorStorm Arctic Edge
Activision games to bypass consoles
The Secret World First Impression
NHL 10 Review
Officers Review
Magic: The Gathering
We Meet Again Review
Champions Online Review