Friday, October 31, 2008

Jog Blog 10-31-08

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Today's Jog Blog
How They Would Lead
Palin Takes on Obama Over Wars
McCain and Joe Plumber Miss Close-Up
McCain Gaining Ground in Va. Polls
Are polls accurate in presidential race?
Gore to Campaign for Obama in Florida
Campaign Financing Not Issue for Voters
Obama's ad attracts 33 million viewers
Could Obama Be A Fabian Socialist ?
Woman removes bloody OBAMA effigy
W.Hollywood homeowners take down Palin effigy
Obama lead slipping in newest polls
Sarah Palin: Obama is not un-American
Parent's phone call nixed Obama plot
Peter Frampton furious at Obama sign theft
The Brokers with Hands on their Faces Blog
Stocks Climb on Hopes for More Rate Cuts
Economy shrinks as consumers retreat
Exxon Mobil: Biggest profit in US history
American Express to cut 10% of work force
Phil Spector trial halted due to juror injury
82yo. traded drugs for sex
Dubai radio fires DJ for mocking God
Hudson family plans memorials
Hudson Murders Suspect Refuses Polygraph
Gun found during probe of Hudson killings
Beatles Digital Debut on Rockband
'BBC's Fault' For Offensive Prank
Durkan signs Brand-Ross motion
Oasis star backs radio pal Brand
Swayze: 'Chemo is Hell on Wheels'
Cox Gets Dirty for ‘Cougar Town’

Of Local Interest:
Nichols Juror Hears About Beating

6 charged in YouTube burglaries

Answers on when to vote
Glitch leaves 1,000 voters out in cold
Emory author gets award
Va. judge denies Vick’s video plea request
UGA planning a uniform surprise?
Georgia Tech calls for ESPN 'whiteout'
Bond deal enables Beltline purchase
Fed court OKs prayer at Cobb commission
Atlanta cops to get $7.5 million
Plea in botched raid ends feds’ case
Judge gives Black Mafia member a break
Marshall to play in ATL media market
Fayette County SPLOST Vote
41 indicted in 2-state, $22M drug bust
Buffet customer arrested, jailed for theft

Trail Droppings:
In FLA, WH hopefuls battle bitterly
Barack Obama aces 'The Daily Show'
Obama "Informercial" Brings in Ratings
Obama has his own 'Joe the Plumber' riff
McCain’s Plans for Reform
Joe a No-Show at McCain Rally
Palin 'Not Going to Let Women Down'
McCain volunteer admits mugging story is lie
Nader, Barr, Baldwin debate in Cleveland
"Small Bus. Owners Are True Capitalists"
Barr's closeout sale
Barr instead?
Taki’s Magazine Endorses Baldwin
Baldwin is a third party choice

Snapshot of War:
Big Issue: Iraq still on voters' minds
Iraq wants guaranteed US departure
Suicide blast rocks ministry in Kabul
Indian bomb blasts kill 62, wound 300
Embers of Rwandan Genocide Flare
Rwanda : Government troops " on the rampage "
Thousands in Syria protest US strike
Insurgents employing complex attacks
Car Bomb in Spain Injures 16 at Univ.
Somali cleric arrested after suicide blasts
Thai protesters snap up 'clappers'
Colombia fires 20 army officers

Husband Confessed to Killing Teacher
Teenager at Neb. hosp. is 24th abandoned
Senate may move to oust Wilkerson
Stevens Gets Hero’s Welcome in Alaska
CA man arrested in anthrax hoaxes
'America's Sheriff' Facing Corruption Trial

As the World Turns:
Japan kick-starts plan to stimulate econ.
Japan set to end resistance to rate cuts
Yen hurts Japan carmakers
300 feared dead in Pakistan quake
9 families sue Chinese milk company
Milk scandal cast shade on china ’s image
China apologizes for tainted products
China donates $1M to Pakistan victims
Zambians Vote for Leader; Polls Rigged?
Former prisoner leads Maldives election
'Anni' heralds new era in Maldives
Maldives to end tourist restrictions

In Sport:
World Series Sets a Low for Viewership
Rays feel they're here to stay
Brewers tab Macha as new manager
Vince Wilfork update
Florida Marlins deal Jacobs for Nunez
Tough econ. times ahead for NASCAR

Economy shrinks as consumers retreat
Exxon Mobil: Biggest profit in US history
American Express to cut 10% of work force
Delta, Let’s See Those Merger Benefits
Stocks Climb on Hopes for More Rate Cuts
Apple Updates MobileMe
TiVo and Netflix consummate union
NASA's Hubble is back in business
Messenger Finds Blue Goo on Mercury
Azure avoids Hailstorm of criticism

The Game:
The Beatles let it be for video games
Atari purchases rights to Riddick
Nissan to unveil high perf. car in game
Nintendo DS a bigger seller than Game Boy
Game ban considered by appeals court
Sci Fi Plugs In Gaming Reality Show

The Entertainers:
'Porno' legitimizes Kevin Smith's career
Heavy Metal Clobbers High School Musical
Samuel L. Jackson Fights 'The Last Dragon'
Phil Spector trial halted due to juror injury
'Addams Family' musical to debut in Chicago