Monday, April 14, 2008

JogBlog 4-14-08

Immelman wins Masters
CBS's Bobby Clampett Apologizes for Calling Liang Wen-Chong 'Chinaman' at Masters

Stolen US Military Equipment Being Sold On eBay
Staff Of Dr. Phil Bails Out Teen Girl Involved In YouTube Beating

Of Local Interest:
No cause of death determined for Ga. Tech pitcher
Glavine leaves with strained hamstring
Israeli leaders snub Carter over Hamas meeting
Jimmy Carter Defends Meeting With Hamas
Chill targets flowers, young vegetables
Atlanta archdiocese gets 500 tickets for papal Mass
Clayton flea market closed because of phony merchandise

Trail Droppings:
Obama expresses regret for remarks on small towns
Clinton Knocks on Doors in Scranton, Pa.
Bill Clinton champions wife's campaign, swipes at Obama remarks
Clinton: 'Not relevant' last time I went to church, fired gun
Hillary does beer and shots to prove how normal she is

It's a Big World:
Indonesia lifts its YouTube ban
Kenya Closes Peace Deal With New Cabinet
World leaders show unity as credit crisis drags on
World Bank Leader Urges Action on Food
Dalai Lama Threatens to Resign if Tibet Violence Worsens
Pope Benedict XVI seeks prayers for his US trip
Voter dilemma pronounced in Italy
Dollar Rises After Group of Seven Raises Concern About Decline
South Korea Confirms Fourth Outbreak of Bird Flu Virus

Snapshot of War:
Iraq Orders Gas Station Crackdown
Iraq Dismisses 1,300 After Basra Offensive
Iraq police find arms cache in truckload of hay

Rangers Talk to Man in Polygamist Probe
American Says Its Flights Are Getting Back to Normal
Ky. city debates allowing pet goat
Ivana Marries for the Fourth Time at Trump’s Estate

In Sport:
Kobe Bryant Jumps Over Moving Car

Roddick puts Americans in Davis Cup semis
Yanks unearth Sox jersey at new stadium
Oy! Eating champ downs 35 dozen oysters

In Tek:
Nvidia does battle with Intel, Moore's Law
Gartner Warns Of Windows Collapse, Says Change Needed
IBM Lays Claim to Cheaper, Faster Memory
More Rumors about the Xbox Wiimote aka Newton
Coming To Your Cell Phone: Text Messages From Uncle Sam

The Entertainers:
"Prom Night" parties at box office
SAG Condemns Actors’ Petition
Keanu Reeves takes on ‘Hamlet’
Going by the Book: 'Smart People' Trots Out the Standardized Characters

Full House Kid Has a Kid

Vanilla Ice Released From Police Custody
Photogs said to give Heath Ledger drugs

Britney Spears unhurt in minor car crash: police