Thursday, April 3, 2008

News Jog Brief 4-03-08

Riders On Bus Record NY Road Rage

Ted Turner: Global Warming Will Cause Mass Cannibalism

U.S. Senators Agree on Mortgage Bailout Bill
[The following is excerpted from a recent column written by Eric Von Haessler and published in The Sunday Paper.]
Dear Mr. and Mrs. America,
Could you please knock off the moaning and groaning and whining and hand-wringing? Is it even possible for you to stop the griping, kvetching and bellyaching long enough to realize that things ain’t so horrible?

You sit around pouting about the fact that you don’t have enough money and yet it’s impossible to find a Nintendo Wii anywhere because you’ve bought them all. You complain about prices at the gas pump but in the last few weeks you've found $118 million to spend on the movie version of “Horton Hears A Who." These are dust bowl days?

You’re in a bad mood you have no right to be in, America. Much like a child who throws a fit over self-serving and trivial matters, it is correct to label you a spoiled brat. You live in the land of plenty, but that isn’t enough for you. You demand guarantees of constant comfort and throw a tantrum at the first sign of distress.

Life is hard. That’s something the generations preceding you, the generations that built this country, understood. The founding fathers and mothers didn’t create this nation as a means to safekeep your personal comfort. The idea was to get Kings and Queens off your back so you could shape your own life as you see fit. And that is really all you have a right to expect. The rest is up to you.

It is up to you, not your local or national politicians, to make your life better. Stop extending your hands for handouts and start using them to forge the future you wish for.

How are your complaints to be taken seriously when your children are wearing $100 tennis shoes, you spend zillions a year on sporting events, and your inner cities are festooned with more flat-screen TVs than at least 50 countries on the planet? You have shown through your habits that you have plenty of money to spend. You may be spending it on all the wrong things—but that’s your problem, not the government’s.

It’s not that you’re afraid of not being able to afford the staples (food, energy, etc.) in the near future; your fear is that you’ll lose the goodies—your luxuries. So now you’re demanding the government bail you out with stimulus packages and mortgage help designed to allow you to resume your shopping. You make me sick.

You stand on the shoulders of giants whether you choose to recognize it or not. Thousands upon thousands of soldiers have given their lives to help secure the society that handed it all to you on a silver platter. You mock their sacrifice now with your petty grumbling. If you could see a way to take one moment from your nonstop amusements to think about the sacrifices others have made in order for you to live this life, you just might realize how much you’ve got and how lucky you are.

OK, I’m done. You can go back to complaining about the economy while talking on your iPhone as you navigate traffic in your new SUV.

The Georgia Stuff:
Senate OKs concealed guns in eateries, MARTA
Fulton judge says he regrets his 'Bill Cosby moment'
131 arrested during DeKalb sweep
Clayton School Board Could Face Charges
Fulton to spend $6M on new South Fulton concert venue
Tire Falls From Helicopter Into Ga. Home

The Hard Stuff:
"Pig Book" finds more than $18 million in wasteful projects
Clinton Borrows Favorite Joke Made Famous by Reagan
Bill Clinton's tirade stunned some delegates
Bill: Hillary Tried to Join the Army
Endorsement helps bolster Obama's foreign policy credentials
Town hall format has risks for McCain
Dean says he's committed to seating Florida's delegates
Iraq Army Flexes Muscles in Basra

Jihad Anger Update:
Indonesia Threatens To Block YouTube Over Anti-Islamic Film
Taliban Threaten Dutch over Anti-Islam Film
Review: Anti-Muslim Film Boorish and Boring

More Hard Stuff:
NATO Summit Opens with Appeals for Greater Effort in Afghanistan
Calls Grow to Skip Olympic Opening in Beijing
Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Loses its Majority in Parliament
Bernanke- US economy could shrink in 1st half 2008
Flight Delays At SFO; United Grounds 777s
Jurors Begin Deliberating in Diana Case
Cow-human cross embryo lives three days
Scientists smoke out genes behind lung cancer
Study Finds Home Defibrillator Is No Help
AIDS drug nearly doubles heart attack risk

Idiots In The News:
Burglar plays dead at funeral home
Survey: Fla. Teens Believe Drinking Bleach Will Prevent HIV

In Sport:
F1 boss Max Mosley has sick Nazi orgy with 5 hookers

Knicks introduce Donnie Walsh as team president
Jaguar offers cop sex w/girlfriend to get out of ticket

Techie Stuff:
European Cargo Ship Cleared to Dock at Space Station
Video: Tourist Space Rocket (Animation)
Microscopic Fuzz May Be Best Evidence of Martians
The iPhone Shortage
Report: online gaming not as popular as you think

The Entertainers:
"American Idol" contestant hospitalized after show
'Office' Spins Off; 'Scrubs' Scrubbed
Hollywood P.I. Anthony Pellicano had whack-y plan, client says
Velvet Revolver Unloads Weiland
Madonna and Mariah Carey Dethrone Elvis
Beyoncé & Jay-Z 'Looked Happy' Getting Marriage License
Norah Jones Makes Film Debut
Levert's Family Asks FBI to Probe Death