Monday, April 21, 2008

JogBlog 4-21-08

Reporter Dick Quest busted while on a 'dick quest!'
CNN's Richard Quest Busted With Sex Toy in Boot
Counseling For CNN Reporter In Meth Bust
Kinky Details of CNN Anchor's Central Park Arrest

Protesters target CNN after Jack Cafferty's remarks on China
Hackers Cancel Attack on CNN

Sandra Bullock OK after crash in Gloucester
Bullock says ‘28 Days’ taught her ‘It’s not the person’s fault’

Pope blesses ground zero in NYC, prays for peace
Transcript: Pope Benedict's Prayer at Ground Zero
Stadium Mass ends Pope's US visit

Paper is shut down after report on Vladimir Putin’s love life

Prince William lands helicopter in girlfriend's garden

Illegally Parked Car Moved (Moscow Style)

Of Local Interest:
Carter: Hamas prepared to accept Israeli-Palestinian peace deal
Transportation chief's fate to be determined Monday
Hawks' plans go awry in playoff opener
Friend: Tech pitcher used drugs
Jurrjens sharp for 7 innings, Braves complete 3-game sweep

Trail Droppings:
Obama reports $51M to start April; McCain raised $15M
Obama Says McCain Better than Bush, Clinton Responds
1960s activism haunts William Ayers and Barack Obama

Clinton, Obama: Pa. 'chess game'
Clinton Blames MoveOn for Caucus Losses
'Vast right-wing conspiracy' leader's paper backs Clinton

McCain visiting poor areas
Heiress Wife Is Source of McCain's 'Secret' Millions

Snapshot of War:
Al-Sadr Threatens Iraq, U.S. with "Open War"
Rice in Iraq after Sadr threat
US military groomed TV military analysts
Kidnapped Pakistani Ambassador Appears in New Video
No Al Qaeda Policy: Congress Wants Answers
Court-martial for soldier accused of shooting unarmed Iraqi

As the World Turns:
Israel Launches Deadly Air Strikes on Gaza
Arms shipment to Zimbabwe criticized
Nepal's Maoists say king should not be humiliated
Bomb kills Catholic priest in north Sri Lanka
Bush Rules Out Meeting North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Il
Female sailor found dead at U.S. Navy base in Bahrain

Green funerals with cardboard coffins and bamboo urns

Moms and young children from Texas ranch to be parted
Home schooling: Parent-teachers aim to prove skeptics wrong
Man dead, troopers injured after shootout in South Jersey
7,000 flock to Ann Arbor to hear Dalai Lama speak on wisdom, compassion

Cop saves pet store owner from snake attack
Mayor, wife get jail in theft of $20K from little league

In Sport:
Danica Patrick Becomes First Woman to Win a Major Auto Race
IRL has to take advantage of Danica's win

Giants' Eli Manning married in Mexico
Blue Jays release slumping DH Frank Thomas
Former major leaguer John Marzano dies at 45 in Philadelphia

Space station astronauts land off-target, but safely
Christian Coalition Backs Net Neutrality at FCC Hearing
EarthLink Redirect Service Poses Security Risk, Expert Says
Blockbuster sued over Facebook Beacon information sharing
New Models of iPhone Expected in June
Ballmer Calls Vista 'A Work In Progress'

Next Mortal Kombat Features DC Comics Characters

The Entertainers:
'Forbidden Kingdom' rules over box office
'Expelled' could exceed box-office forecasts
Resentment Over Darwin Evolves Into a Documentary

Rapper Foxy Brown freed from jail

Britney Spears Returning To ‘How I Met Your Mother’?

Jury Lets Kid Rock Suit Slide