Tuesday, April 15, 2008

JogBlog 4-15-08

Marilyn Monroe secret sex tape sold for $1.5m

Cops: Sambora Endangered Kid


Nuggets' Anthony arrested on suspicion of drunken driving

Malt-O-Meal cereals recalled; linked to salmonella outbreak
Study: Boomers to Flood Medical System
Physicist John A. Wheeler Dies at 96

Of Local Interest:
Delta, Northwest reach $17.7B agreement on merger
Israel snubs Carter, declines security help
Ex-UGA player Tim Worley arrested, hit with Taser
Who signed Lithonia workers' paychecks?

Trail Droppings:
Hillary Does a Half-Shot

McCain enters 'bitter' voters row
Obama tries to turn focus to trade and escape 'elitist' controversy
Republican refers to Obama as 'boy'
Obama and Clinton vow to get tough with China

Tree man 'who grew roots' hopes to marry after 4lb of warts removed

Snapshot of War:
CBS Journalist Freed in Iraqi Raid
US, Iraq Far Apart on Security Pacts
US troops plan to stay put in Baghdad's Sadr City: general

Columbian Standoff:
Bush says it's wrong to 'stiff' Colombia
Pelosi says U.S. workers come ahead of Colombia pact

All the World's a Stage:
US and Dalai Lama to Hold Talks
Berlusconi wins Italian election
Maoists poised to take power in Nepal
Zimbabwe court refuses to release election results
Zimbabwean officials fear prosecution if Mugabe loses

Wal-Mart to film gun sales in bid to fight crime
Sect Investigation Moving to Courtroom
Polygamist Sect Kids Move to New Shelter
Supreme Court turns down boy killer's appeal
Wachovia Posts 1Q Loss, to Raise $7B
March retail sales unexpectedly rise 0.2 percent
Joke's on Ivana Trump's new husband
Boy blows up 213 balloons with his nose
Man loses 17th-century violin on train
College field trip visits legal brothel

In Sport:
Yankee reliever leaves club to be with dad
Rocket Racing League announces August takeoff

In Tek:
Users petition to keep Windows XP
Miami company touts $399 Mac clone
China Mobile still fighting iPhone's revenue sharing
Adobe Proposes New, Open Professional Raw Video Format
Apple acknowledges graphics glitch with latest notebooks
Google To Aid Search For Abused And Missing Kids

The Entertainers:
Reality Guy
Reality TV Wannabe Arrested in Kidnap
Bad year for Dr. Phil
J.K. Rowling testifies in 'Potter' lawsuit
TV actor clarifies Britney remarks
Ashlee Simpson pregnant
Cate Blanchett Welcomes Third Son
Blockbuster proposes 'exclusive' content, devices in Circuit City bid