Thursday, April 24, 2008

JogBlog 4-24-08

Study: Frequent Masturbation May Prevent Prostate Cancer

Penis theft panic hits city in Congo!

911 Call Released From Movie-trained Bear Attack

Grizzly should not be euthanized, trainer's colleagues say

Richie Sambora's Lucky Break in DUI Case

Tom Cruise spends $100000 on birthday bash
Madonna defends Tom Cruise for his Scientology beliefs

Ang Lee making gay Woodstock movie

PETA offers $1 million for lab-created meat

China's Rain-Free Olympics Plan Met With Skepticism

DNA testing of kids complete in polygamist custody case
Attorneys object to sect children's foster placement

Of Local Interest:
Boston bashes Hawks again, takes 2-0 series lead
Georgia first execution in nearly a year set for May 6
Delta, Northwest profit hammered by fuel and charges
DOT won't release harassment complaint against board member

Snapshot of War:
Gen. Petraeus picked to lead Iraq, Afghan wars
VA faulted in diagnosing suicide candidates
Iran agrees to discuss alleged nuclear weapons program

Trail Droppings:
Clinton's Pennsylvania victory comes with cash prize
Clinton: Why can't Obama win big states?
Obama says he needs to do better with older voters

As the World Turns:
North Korea 'helped Syria build nuclear reactor'
Era of cheap food ends as prices surge
Wal-Mart's Sam's Club limits rice purchases
King of Jordan tells Bush timetables needed for Mideast talks
Officials release 1st result in Zimbabwe election recount
Scores killed in Sri Lanka in bloodiest battle in 18 months
Beetle outbreak is altering carbon balance in Canadian forests
Spider plague closes Australian hospital

U.S. government scraps virtual border fence prototype
No suspicion needed to search laptops at U.S. borders, says Ninth Circuit
Brown student apprehended after 'pie' thrown at speaker
US Lawmakers: FDA fails on foreign drug oversight
Jell-O snack packs splatter over highway in Florida
Mom’s Healthy Diet Produces Boy Babies

In Sport:
NFL, ex-Pats video assistant Walsh finally agree to Spygate meeting

Toyota takes 1Q world sales lead from General Motors
Liberty Mutual to buy Safeco for $6.2 billion
Web criminals fuel big rise in "trojans"

Ballmer says Microsoft can go forward without Yahoo
With Live Mesh, Microsoft Admits Web Is Now Central To Computing
First Look at Microsoft's New 'Live Mesh' Platform
DRM Disaster: Microsoft to Close MSN Music License Servers

Apple to buy processor designer P.A. Semi
Apple Aims to Patent IM Features on IPhone
AMD Announces Three New Triple-Core Phenoms

Grand Theft Auto IV war
between Xbox 360, PS3 heating up

The Entertainers:
Mariah Carey has monster No. 1 on chart

Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles'
wedding officially confirmed
Star Jones files for divorce from Al Reynolds

Clint Eastwood's `Changeling' leads Cannes Film Festival
'Harold & Kumar' hit the mainstream like a cloud of smoke

Nicole Kidman urges fight to end violence against women
Actors union details "squeeze" on its members
'Law & Order' sets up a low-key but interesting exit