Wednesday, April 2, 2008

News Jog Brief 4-02-08

Georgia Stuff:
Former wrestler to serve life for sex trafficking
Skip Caray cutting back on broadcasts
Ex-Rep. Bob Barr to seek Libertarian nod, may get Ron Paul O.K.
Half of Atlanta students don't graduate on time
A Group of Georgia Third Graders Plot To Attack Teacher
Norcross star Aminu won't face school discipline for alleged shooting
Gwinnett eases outdoor watering restrictions

Foolish Debris:
Google Fabricates Mars Colony Virgle In April Fools Joke
April Fools! Clinton challenges Obama to bowl-off

The Hard News:
Indonesia bans 'anti-Islam' film
So let's get this straight- Muslims around the world are angry because this new documentary depicts their religion as being responsible for inspiring violence amongst many of its faithful. What is the point of this anger? Are offended Muslims alleging the footage of dastardly deeds (beheadings, ritualistic stoning, the toppling of the World Trade Center) committed by adherents to the Koran and featured in the film, are a fabrication? The Jog can't help but notice that the documentary in question, 'Fitna,' isn't controversial at all. It may be disturbing. It may be an inconvenient truth... to borrow a phrase. But showing the bloodlust associated with radical practitioners of Islam and then pointing out the passages from the Koran used by those radicals to justify their butchery is not controversial. It is, in fact, the opposite of controversial. That is to say it is obvious. What are these Muslim protesters to have us believe- the religious affiliation that happens to be held by every single suicide bomber that makes a splash on the nightly news- is a mere coincidence? Don't bother asking and don't bother trying to rationalize with followers of Allah who are up in arms over this film. They're too busy threatening to burn down major cities throughout the world if we don't stop screening a movie that audaciously depicts them as being a people who are quick to violence.

George Bush murdered on Hamas puppet show
Iraqi PM: Basra Operation a 'Success'
Sadr loyalists warn of end to cease-fire
Oil Chiefs Say High Prices Not Our Fault
Turnpike-Turned-Truck Stop By Protesting Truckers
Passenger At Orlando Airport Had Bomb Materials, Literature In Bag
Bush Pushes NATO Membership for Ukraine, Georgia
Tibetans Plan Suicide Attacks on Olympics, China Says
India asks Dalai Lama to refrain from political activities
Mugabe Resignation Reports Swirl, Opposition May Publish Tally
Polls: McCain strong in key Dem states
Transcript: McCain Addresses His Alma Mater in Virginia
Obama prefers Stones over Beatles
Democrat Pelosi urges end to race
Popular Lehman stock deal sparks Wall Street rally
Judge says Diana's butler "did not tell the truth"
Heart group urges "hands-only" CPR in emergencies

Idiots In The News:
Cruel Craigslist Hoaxers Busted
Ky. snakes seized as owner loses fingers
Man accused of rampage with snow shovel

In Sports:
NFL Interviewed Belichick a Second Time Over 'Spygate'
Ellis, Bassett dismissed from team at Indiana

The Tech Stuff:
Sony to Offer Movies on AT&T Phones
Microsoft sees no reason to raise Yahoo bid
Apple Sued Over "Millions of Colors" Display Claim

The Entertainers:
Dancing's Derek Hospitalized
Jay Sorry for "Gayest Look" Crack
Woody Allen sues American Apparel over ads
Radiohead fans can remix ‘Nude’ single
Cusack 'stalker' arrested in US
Ray Romano Working On TV Comeback
Paul McCartney and Heather Mills record rap song

Two Reviews:
1.) New Rolling Stones Movie- 'Shine a Light'

2.) New REM Album- 'Accelerate'