Tuesday, April 8, 2008

News Jog Brief 4-08-08

The Jayhawks shred Memphis' dream,
win third NCAA Championship 75-68

Hillary Bowls with Ellen

The Georgia Stuff:
Lithonia Mayor, Council Battle
Mike Knox Linked To Steroids & HGH In Former Home
Gwinnett County to screen inmates for immigration violations
Delta and Northwest to revive merger talks
Woodruff bails out Grady Hospital with $200M in aid
Couple sue psychiatrist, claim he hit on wife

Olympics Gone Wild:
Pro-Tibet activists climb Golden Gate Bridge, unfurl banners
Free Tibet Protest
Clinton Calls on Bush to Boycott Olympics Opening Ceremonies
Olympic torch extinguished
Olympic Torch

Trail Mix:
McCain Raises More Than $15M in March
It's Raining McCain

Mark Penn: What Was Hillary Thinking?

Iraq & the Rest of the World
Presidential Contenders Will Be Center-Stage in Iraq Hearings
Iraq: Al-Mahdi army offers to lay down its arms
Court Refuses to Ban Quran Film
WHO Warns Climate Change Endangers Human Health
Diana inquest lays blame on driver and paparazzi
Diana Supporter
EU To Allow Cell Phone Calls On Planes

Washington Post wins six Pulitzers
400 children in custody in polygamist compound raid
Teen health risk: TV in bedroom
Babies' Sleep Tied to Childhood Obesity

The Foolish:
Postal workers attacked by wild turkeys
Court skewers kebab damages claim

In Sport:
Ewing, Olajuwon, Riley Named to Hall

Science & Tek:
Alligator Blood May Lead to Powerful New Antibiotics
Windows 7 In 2010, Microsoft Says
Couple sues Google over "street view" maps
DHS extends work visa timeframe

The Entertainers:
Bravo’s Project Runway to Lifetime Television; NBC Universal Sues
British Agency Renews Its Battle to Ban Snoop
Jamie Lynn Spears Spends 17th Birthday at Walmart