Wednesday, April 9, 2008

News Jog Brief 4-09-08

Baby girl in India born with two faces
2 Face

Dubai's prince buys $2.7 million camel!

Of Local Interest:
NAACP: 'Barbie bandits' got slap on wrist
Shane Co. employee accused of stealing $1.2M in jewelry
DeKalb chief angry as commission denies police raises, Tasers
Feds Call Atlanta Falcons Player Before Grand Jury in Steroid Case

Petraeus Faces Presidential Contenders
Hill & Petraeus
A few protesters inside Petraeus/Crocker hearing
Bush awards Medal of Honor to Navy SEAL
Shiite cleric cancels Baghdad protest against U.S.
Iran starts installing new nuclear centrifuges
Transcript: Sen. Clinton's Remarks In Iraq Hearings
Video: Did McCain get confused about al Qaeda again?
‘08 Candidates to Appear on American Idol Charity Show
Rice leaves door ajar for vice presidential chance
Clinton: 'I Was Raised on Pinochle and The American Dream'
Obama gaining on Clinton in Pennsylvania
Rockefeller Apologizes for McCain Remark

Tokyo Overpopulation?

Olympics Gone Wild:
Olympic flame arrives in S.F. under tight security
Breach of Golden Gate Bridge security rattles S.F. officials

'Speak English' Signs OK at Philly Shop
The smart money saves WaMu
Gas Prices Slip, but Could Hit $4
NYC Mayor Loses Big on Traffic Fee Plan

Videotaped Florida Teen Beating
Prompts Calls To Block Violent Content
Victoria Lindsay

Vatican: Pope Will Address Abuse Crisis
Vodka-maker Absolut apologizes for ads

'God Particle' Expected to Be Found Soon
Antigenics Kidney Treatment Wins Approval in Russia
Stem Cells from Skin Used to Treat Parkinson’s in Rats
Soyuz Capsule Carries Korean Astronaut

In Tek:
Microsoft Developing Wii-Like Remote for Xbox 360?
NTT to test mobile aroma services
Europe Mulls Six-Month Limit for Search Engine Data Storage

The Entertainers:
Carolla Driven off Dancing
Cruise Production Pushes Back `Valkyrie'
Tom Cruise’s Failed Nazi Comeback Postponed Until 2009
Rob Lowe fires off lawsuits against former nannies, chef
Priest pleads guilty to stalking TV host O'Brien
Pamela Anderson in E! Reality Show
Singer Toni Braxton Hospitalized in Las Vegas
LA Times Retracts Tupac Shakur Story
Singer Pete Doherty to Be Jailed for 14 Weeks
Stone Temple Pilots reunite in Los Angeles
Bob Dylan Wins a Pulitzer Prize