Thursday, September 4, 2008

Republican Nat. Convention '08
McCain tells nation he'll bring change
CodePink Protesters Interrupt McCain Speech
Palin Pick May Narrow The Enthusiasm Gap
Obama Rails Against Attacks From Palin, GOP
Obama says GOP avoiding issues on voters' minds

Palin Assails Critics and Electrifies Party
Palin's first punch is a solid hit
If speech is gauge, she's the real deal
Palin's Campaign Debut Electrifies GOP

Palin Speech Pt.1

Palin Speech Pt.II

Bush and Lieberman Praise McCain
Lieberman Asks Voters To Trust McCain
Lieberman facing payback from Dems
Bush: 9-11 shows we need McCain
Convention Highlights McCain's Service
McCain hailed as hero who ‘puts country first’
Lieberman Misleads on Obama?
McCain shapes a maverick GOP convention
Us Magazine: Fair or a Cheap Shot?
The Media Descend to a New Low?
Palin to address convention tonight
Sarah Palin's Social Security Number Is . . .
McCain veep says daughter, 17, is pregnant
Evangelicals rally behind Palin after pregnancy news
Palin pregnancy knocks GOP off-message
Levi- boyfriend of Bristol Palin revealed?
Convention protests turn violent, 250 arrested
Police Use 'Flash Bangs' to Disperse Protesters

Cops Use Flash Grenades & Tear Gas on RNC Anarchists

Anarchists Attack Delegates @ RNC

Hippie W/ Flower Gets Pepper-Sprayed

Anti-War Fun:

Chants a'Plenty
Every anti-war activist worth their salt has the ability to whip the crowd into a frenzy with a chant that speaks truth to power. Book a hundred speakers and you'll get a hundred different chants. The following video is a medley of the myriad chants hurled in the air during an anti-war rally held near the Republican National Convention.

Fat Woman is Hungry!
In this clip a thousand pound anti-war activist wants the world to know she's going hungry.

Rally Falls Silent
There's something surreal and funny about an anti-war blowhard temporarily losing her ability to screech & chant at the world.

Lily Allen vs. Elton John.
Stars fall out on stage

The Best of Telethon '08

Watch Eric Watch Obama
The last hour of the 4 hour marathon (sound corrected)

Dem National Covention '08:
Obama vows to keep 'American promise alive'
Obama: McCain `Doesn't Get It'
Promises of reform drive Obama's night
2008 Obama Convention Speech Transcript
American revolutionary?
Obama campaign confronts WGN radio
Text of Obama's e-mail about WGN-AM
Documents Highlight Relationship W/ Ayers