Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain, Obama plan
joint stop at Ground Zero

This young lady is so excited by what John Mccain had to say during his acceptance speech she breaks out with a good ole' fashioned Jihadi war chant.

McCain is Buggin' the Fuck out...

Pivotal two months begin for Obama , McCain
McCain, Obama Vie For 'Reformist' Mantle
Economy Provides Fodder for Obama
Biden says Obama would cut taxes for nearly all

Obama, O’Reilly Debate Iraq Surge

Republican Nat. Convention '08
McCain tells nation he'll bring change

McCain 'Fight' Crescendo
McCain hits his stride at end of acceptance speech as he exhorts America to fight with him for the things that matter.

Eric on Twitter
Follow Eric as he 'tweets' his way thru the speeches of Cindy & John Mccain. This was his running Twitter commentary between about 9:45 & 11p.

Just saw Obama say that 'Americans deserve more than vitriol' in response to Palin's speech last night. Interesting.

What is the Left without 'vitriol'?

Win or lose Palin has already established herself as the Republican Prez front runner next time around. Barring true scandal, of course.

Palin appears to be what Repubs have been looking for since Reagan- a Republican optimist. The party always does better when optimistic.

McCain is usually pretty dreadful when giving a Tele-PrompTer speech. It'll be interesting to see if he can cleverly get around it tonight.

Obama was smart to do O' Reilly an hour before McCain gives big speech. If he does well he should steal a bit of the spotlight. Good Move.

Republicans simply shouldn't dance.

I honestly can't figure out if that Gates/Seinfeld commercial I just saw was funny. It seemed funny but I never actually laughed.

Amazing pop culture twist: The RNC is taking a page out of the Talking Head's visual playbook. Speakers in front of iconic American imagery.

David Byrne would look right in place on that stage. It worked for the Head's.

Cindy Mccain is Not a good speaker. Dear God- make it stop!

Cindy McCain is giving a 4-H speech. Not a blue ribbon speech, mind you. A forgettable, non-award winning 4-H speech.

There are dead people who can give better speeches than the one Cindy McCain is giving right now.

Hockey in Arizona? What a country.

Not for nothin'- but Cindy McCain looks like some kind of human/feline hybrid. Cat Woman!

To paraphrase an old political joke: If Cindy McCain gave a fireside chat- the fire would go out.

Cindy McCain is such a bad speaker she's making the plight of Rwanda seem boring. Quite a feat of toastmaster failure.

The kids refer to what Cindy McCain just left on the stage as an Epic Fail.

The kids usually get on my nerves with their newfangled colloquial terms. But in this case- Epic Fail works. Thanks kids.

The RNC coordinators now blasting Chuck Berry in an effort to resuscitate the corpses left in the wake of Cindy McCain's speech.

Do the Palin's sleep... ever? Even the baby attends several late night events. I imagine a waiting rustic home in Alaska with no beds.

Alright- John don't let me down.

Like the humor in opening film.

I think one of the Palin kids is acting like a kid & causing some trouble up in the crowd.

I hate activists. All activists.

Get rid of this anti-war clown. This is McCain's moment. Time & place- idiot.

The slide show behind McCain is becoming a distraction at this point.

These anti-war people are hurting their own cause. Americans believe in hearing opposing arguments.

Worked with her hands & nose?

McCain's speech was stylistically bumpy but the end was great. Very inspiring. Good job.

Palin is politically electric. I don't know if it can last. But it's palpable right now.

Love the on-screen fireworks. Take that Obama. Are the Flaming Lips taking the stage soon?

Why do these conventions always devolve into wedding reception scenes complete with late 70's disco music?

Interesting that Palin is staying to mingle with the crowd much longer than McCain. I'm comforted by his discomfort with empty ceremony.

The preacher is having trouble quieting the crowd for a prayer. Now he's got 'em. They're still Republicans after all.

The gavel falls & now, finally- the real campaign begins. It's only taken 2 years to get to this point. It'll be over soon.

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Convention protests turn violent, 250 arrested
Police Use 'Flash Bangs' to Disperse Protesters

Cops Use Flash Grenades & Tear Gas on RNC Anarchists

Anarchists Attack Delegates @ RNC

Hippie W/ Flower Gets Pepper-Sprayed

Anti-War Fun:

Chants a'Plenty
Every anti-war activist worth their salt has the ability to whip the crowd into a frenzy with a chant that speaks truth to power. Book a hundred speakers and you'll get a hundred different chants. The following video is a medley of the myriad chants hurled in the air during an anti-war rally held near the Republican National Convention.

Fat Woman is Hungry!
In this clip a thousand pound anti-war activist wants the world to know she's going hungry.

Rally Falls Silent
There's something surreal and funny about an anti-war blowhard temporarily losing her ability to screech & chant at the world.

Lily Allen vs. Elton John.
Stars fall out on stage

The Best of Telethon '08

Watch Eric Watch Obama
The last hour of the 4 hour marathon (sound corrected)

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