Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today's Jog Blog

Climate Chief: Next 24 Hrs 'Crucial'
Copenhagen summit veering towards farce?

Chavez: Capitalism ruining earth

Gore's claim unites scientist, sceptic alike
Clarification: Gore misspoke on polar ice

Iran test-fires its most advanced missile
Iran most Tweeted of 2009
Lawmakers Approve Sanctions Against Iran
Oil Rises After Misile Test and Low Supplies
Credit Suisse to Pay $536 Million in Settlement

Petro-powers to launch currency

U.S. national debt exceeds limit
House approves $290b increase in debt limit

Support for Health Overhaul Wanes
Obama: Gov to go bankrupt without reform
Health care overhaul slowed by read-a-thon
Democratic Party Divided Over Health Care
Pelosi: Healthcare reform unlikely this year
Constitution allows government to force insurance?

Obama to Appear on WWE Special

Sen. Schumer calls flight attendant 'bitch'
Schumer pushes for passage of bill of rights
Ex-Edwards aide to talk about scandal
12-year-old shot by Christmas tree gun

Police stop man reaching Berlusconi's room
Man Detained Near Hospital Room

Intel Accused by U.S. of Monopoly
Microsoft, EU close antitrust battle

Sultry World Found Circling Distant Star

Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2009

Tiger Voted Top Athlete of Decade
Doctor treated Tiger w/o FL license
Henry injured in car wreck after dispute

Roy Disney dies at 79

Boyle most popular
YouTube video of 2009

Rihanna poses topless for GQ

Timberlake closes
golf course for months

'Glee' cast joyful over Globe nods
Gyllenhaal, Witherspoon split up
Anne Hathaway in car-bike collision

Of Local Interest:
State to seek federal loan for jobless funds
Mayor Reed to aggressively address panhandling
State court halts Gary execution
Clermont hotel shut down
Bus leaves road, hits statue
Alleged gang members in court
Father of four $624,134 richer
Big fines coming for speeders
Employees sue AT&T for $1B
Report claims sixth Atlanta 'Housewife'
Kroger deleting P&G coupons
Toy trains deliver nostalgia to Norcross
Church of Scientology to sue Sandy Springs
Sandy Springs Votes on Church Move
Beltline bonds reissued in loosening market
Alleged Gang Members Appear Before Judge
GA Drivers Get Warning from State
12 kid-friendly ideas for Christmas break
Bernhardt becomes ACVB chairman


How To Stop Homegrown Terrorism?
The Decade's Rise of Gay Marriage
Report on Pilots Who Overshot Airport
Grade schooler's crucifixion drawing sparks row
DNA testing confirms ID of burned remains
Family with TX ties found dead in CA
Satellites weigh California water
Idaho Power reports new record for winter
Indiana schools told to cut $300M


Sanford won't be impeached in SC
Schumer's Shuttle Swearing
W. House backs $5 bln clean energy tax credit
Not-so Merry Crist
Will Pentagon make tanker changes for Northrop?
Wyden introduces bill to restore jobs and forests
Former Office Manager in US Senate Indicted
Bob McDonnell: Campaign of the Year
Republican candidates lead in poll
Senator Nelson Hangs Tough On Health Care
Drugmakers fight plan to allow imports

As the World Turns:

Iran Test Fires Long-Range Missile
US approves new sanctions on Iran
PLO extends Abbas' presidential term
North Korea's Four-Party Ploy
Climate talks stall amid protests
Yegor Gaidar: The price to pay
Japan PM under fire over delay in US base row
Mumbai suspect is US double agent, India claims
EU agrees on 2010 fish catch quotas
Kurds disillusioned after party ban

In Sport:

Tiger Voted Top Athlete of Decade
Doctor treated Tiger w/o FL license
Chris Henry injured in car wreck after domestic dispute
Andrews bares her torment
Red Sox introduce Lackey, Cameron
Amaro: Close on Halladay deal
Frye gets nod over Russell as Raiders QB
Cardinals sign kicker Nugent
Messi returns to lead Barcelona over Atlante
Toronto sports doctor charged
Counting With the Big Ten
Saints game airs on NFL Network
Angels, Matsui agree to one-year deal
Colts will be serious vs. Jaguars
Rams place G Bell on IR

The Economy, Stupid:

Nvidia emerges as Intel's new legal nemesis
Stocks skid after Fed holds rates
USDA says it will hold jobs forums for Hawaii
Stocks Gyrate Following FOMC Statement
Energy costs drive up consumer price index
Oil rises to $73 on US crude stocks drop
Home construction rebounds from 6-month low
Credit Suisse to pay $536 mln for US violations
State Farm to stay in Florida, wins rate hike
American Airlines Makes Plea for JAL
Las Vegas Gambles on $8.5 mln CityCenter
E-Trade to restructure int'l operations


McDonalds to Offer Free Wi-Fi in 2010
Microsoft Releases Bing App for iPhone
EC, MS Settlement Broadly Welcomed
10 Points About the Nexus One Google Phone
First Look - 2011 BMW 740i and 740Li
Apple silences Psystar's rebel yell
Android Market reaches 20000 apps mark
Morgan Stanley drinks the Apple Kool-Aid
Customers to AT&T: Choke on this

The Game:

10 best playstation 3 games of 2009
Soaking it all in: Hands-on with 'Heavy Rain'
Future fantasy is shoot-out in ravaged city
'Uncharted 2' nabs top prize at vgas
Zhu Zhu Pets: The Video Game
DST Invests in a FarmVille Plot
R18+ classification for video games