Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today's Jog Blog

Obama: More Troops in Afghanistan
Europe unlikely to respond fully on troops
Anti-War Left Protests Obama's Strategy
Court rules to keep detainee photos secret
Court rebuffs 'the stocking strangler'

Senate opens work on healthcare bill
Reid: Senate to work weekends on bill
Cyber Monday good, not great

Inquiry into stolen climate e-mails
Demjanjuk goes on trial in Germany

Pres. has not lost faith in Secret Service
Secret Service Agents Interview Intruders

Suspect in US police murders dead
Huckabee granted clemency to cop-killer
Huckabee's Wikipedia page hijacked
Police widen search for killings suspect

Chelsea Clinton engaged to be married
Movement under way to ban divorce
3 boys arrested for 'Ginger Day' attacks
Maine man charged w/ stealing ATM

Collider Breaks Energy Record
Gold coin dropped in charity kettle

Polanski must pay full $4.5M

Unbeaten Saints breeze past Patriots
Saints acting like they've been here before
Derek Jeter SI's sportsman of year

Woods out of Chevron World Challenge
Alleged Mistress Linked to Other Celebs
Tiger's charmed life feeling the squeeze

Tiger's alleged girlfriend
meets with attorney

Weis Is Out as Notre Dame Coach
Sizemore acts to remove Web photos
Player says semi-nude photos stolen

Alec Baldwin says will soon quit

Arnold ties knot for 4th time

Hasselhoff ex-wife arrested
Hoff: I Didn't Have Seizure

`This Is It' out on DVD in January

A Night w/ Drivin N Cryin

Of Local Interest:
Mayor's race headlines runoff
Speaker's ex says he had an affair
1 dead, 2 injured in Atlanta shooting
Clayton jail has 2-hour outage
Ryan will not play against Eagles
Jackson: No holiday foreclosures
SEC warns of fake tickets
Bulldog lineman held in Athens
Chip Caray, TBS part ways
N. Ga. may see snow Thurs.
2 hurt in DeKalb gunfight
Vick braced for Atlanta return
Nearly 2000 homes sell in 9 months
Man shot in midtown Atlanta
We will climb the mountains ahead
Dirt Cheep Music marks 25th anniv.
Singalongs a fun outlet for music lovers


BP reports oil spill near Prudhoe Bay
Violent Houston child molester escapes
Riddle hints at no plea deal
FBI seeks man in parental custody case
Hurricane season ends with a whimper
Competency hearing begins in Smart case
Air France A380 returns to NY after glitch
Suspect in FL killings could be in Michigan
Idaho potatoes featured on wine bottles

A deeper look at the GOP generation gap
Ensign Won't Resign, Because Of Reid
Cheney, Limbaugh in 2012?
Palin Flying During "Bus Tour" for Book?
General Wesley Clark endorses Khazei
Paterson's $1.6 billion plan
Six-figure CPR ad buy targets 14 senators

As the World Turns:

Muslims Condemn Swiss Minaret Ban
Russia to start Iran nuclear plant in 2010
US: Honduras' election important
Commonwealth adds Rwanda to body
Ex-guerrilla easily wins Uruguay presidency
Pakistan's Leader Cedes Nuclear Office
UK yacht crew detained by Iran
India nuclear leak 'inside job'
Arroyo bid sparks outrage
Somali Pirates Seize US-Bound Tanker

In Sport:

Unbeaten Saints breeze past Patriots
Saints acting like they've been here before
Derek Jeter SI's sportsman of year
Weis Is Out as Notre Dame Coach
Serena pays price for outburst
Add Defense to the Steelers' Woes
Balance like never before in the SEC
Let's be Frank, winless Nets are a mess
Jeter Wins 'Sportsman of the Year'

The Economy, Stupid:

US Business Group Delays Trip To UAE
Bank of America Lays Out Card Terms
Treasury gets tougher on home loan relief
Chicago Fed Midwest factory activity rises
Fed to conduct tests of liquidity-draining tool
Oil prices spike after Iran seizes yacht
Hope for disappointed stores
Las Vegas Sands' Hong Kong IPO Flops
Stryker plans to buy Ascent parent
Server sales stabilizing, says study

Inside CERN with a collider scientist
Amazon Boasts Record Kindle Sales
Arrington: CrunchPad Project Is DOA
10 Reasons Google Phone Is a Bad Idea
HP releases templates for MS enviros
Next Gen iphone Is On The Horizon
Ford Unveils 2011 Mustang V6
Black Friday online up 11%
2009 Los Angeles Auto Show Preview

The Game:

Next Prince of Persia Game
TNA Video Game Plans Revealed
Libraries to buy video games
Video - Game Stocks Played Out
All fun and games in Toyland
Blast zombies in 2 new horror games