Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today's Jog Blog

Gitmo Detainees Will Be Moved to Ill.
War court to shift from Cuba to Illinois
Suicide bombings up, attacks down
U.S. to test missile defense against Iran
Iran denies 'nuclear trigger' report
Israeli officials at risk for civil lawsuits
PLO to keep Abbas president, back stance

Obama Statue Angers Some Indonesians
Ga. couple crash White House party
800,000 doses of flu vaccine recalled

Pared health bill takes shape
Liberal Dems dropping 'public option'
Obaba: health care reform close
Public Option Falters In HC Reform
What Public Option Supporters Won
Medicare Buy-In Prop. May Be off Table
Lieberman indicates support possible
Howard Dean still opposed to health deal

McCain: Reinstate 1930's Wall St. law
Bank ceos Pledge to Push for Re-Regulation
Senate rejects plan to import low-cost drugs
Can jurors become Facebook friends?
Microsoft cops to webcode theft in Asia

UN chief calls for compromise
China, US refuse to budge
'Seal a deal', climate talks told
Pope encourages action on climate
Kyoto Protocol Remains an Obstacle
Protesters march on Copenhagen summit

DC passes same-sex marriage

Oral Roberts Dies at 91

Dreamliner takes maiden voyage
Comcast rolls out Web TV service

Berlusconi says 'love will overcome hate'
Spokesman: Berlusconi has more pain

Pot Legalization On 2010 CA Ballot?
Trucker tells judge he carried pot
Acrobatic burglar sentenced in NJ
80-year-old sailor rescued at sea

Police find fetus under Christmas tree

Teens and Sexting
Nearly 1 in 3 older teens 'sexting'

Kid sent home for drawing crucifix

9 Worldwide Holiday Characters
Gifts You're Better Off Not Giving

Tiger Woods and HGH?
Woods linked to doctor facing drug charges
Barkley: Woods changed phone number
Man admits to stalking Erin Andrews

Lindsay Lohan's father arrested in NY
Michael Lohan in Hot Water, Again

Rihanna Topless in GQ
Chris Brown Album Sales Tank
Brown Deletes Twitter Account
T.I. may be moved to halfway house
Lil Wayne's stinky Fla. condo tough sell

Rick Springfield Memoir Coming

Golden Globe TV noms get their Glee on
Globe noms dominated by 'Up in the Air
Alleged Jennifer Garner stalker arrested

Of Local Interest:
Ga. couple crash White House party
Compromise near in water rights dispute
Cobb will prosecute another teacher
No new deal for Hawks' Woodson
Report details Babineaux arrest
Read it: Babineaux Police Report
Jeff Francoeur plays Santa
Lottery jackpot hits $140M
Would-be thief caught before act
Scientologists not happy with Sandy Springs
30 Years Combined for Terror Convicts
Dekalb woman is face of swine flu response
Property tax system under assault
4-year-old killed in fire
30 Deep gang dangerous and prolific
Ga. Power asks for increases
Judge Dismisses Grady Dialysis Suit
Miami man defrauded Georgia Medicaid
Airline flights from Gwinnett?
Dead newborn's parents court hearing moved
Investigators Probe Deal Ethics Complaint


School scraps Taliban debate
Wall St. breaks win streak
Glasspool in eye of Anglican storm
Whiteout on Mount Hood, climbers missing
NY judge shuts down charity
Player alleges attack by Florida coach
Buju Banton to remain in FL lock up
Body of Missing CA Baseball Player Found
Maine business attitude called unfriendly
NH school evacuated after electrical fire
Police: 'Columbine-style' attack thwarted
Girl sustained 11 concussions, seeks new law


Schwarzenegger calls for cities climate summit
Schwarzenegger Knocks Palin on Climate
The House Prepares to Dig In
Nations Play Hardball, Hillary Heads to Summit
Obama's Influence on Lending in Doubt
Newsom backs radiation labels
Deal announced on missing e-mails
Another Top House Dem to Retire
Paterson Makes Progress
Deweese, Stetler Charged in Corruption Probe
Five reasons to vote GOP, or Dem in 2010

As the World Turns:

Blast Kills 33 in Pakistan
Blast in Kabul diplomatic district
Two killed at pro-Kurdish protest
Japan to put off decision on US base row
US jail to hold Guantanamo inmates
Israeli policewoman wounded in clash
Iraq strengthens hand at OPEC w/ oil deals
Abbas sticks by terms for talks
China outstrips US as center for ipos
Israeli court bars Gazans from jail visits
Cyclone Mick heads for Tonga

In Sport:

Lee's agent disputes description of talks
As sports scandals go, Tiger Woods is tops
Commissioner forms advisory committee
Brewers' free agents finding homes
Turnovers rule the night in 49ers' victory
Juan Pierre 'excited' at joining White Sox
Big Ten to explore adding 12th member
Estudiantes reaches Club World Cup final
Chapman holds impressive workout
Huskies offense looking strong for 2010

The Economy, Stupid:

Relief soars at Boeing
US producer prices rise more than expected
Canadian shares rise on stronger oil
Best Buy's mixed blessing
FDIC nearly doubles budget for failed banks
GM to repay bailout loan early
EU, US, Latin America initial banana deal
Oil rebounds for first time in 9 days
BA rivals reap strike windfall
Google Bets On Display Ads In 2010
Fed will hike rates - in 2011


Australia to introduce mandatory web filter
Could You Afford Google Phone? Can Google?
Plurk Accuses MS of Code, Design Theft
Google Thinks Tiny
Tool Use Discovered in Octopuses
Bethesda publishing Rage
Apple's iMacs Delayed, But Why?
Wary Book Publishers Are Fighting
How Oracle Disarmed EU Critics
Toshiba Boosts Smartphone Storage

The Game:

Red Dead Redemption
Star Trek: D-A-C Review
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Review
Gravity Crash Review
The Island of Dr. Frankenstein Review
Rock Band Network: Updated Impressions
Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Hands-On