Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jog Blog 6-19-2008

Today's Jog Blog
Masses mourn protesters in Iran
Protesters Gather, Panel Offers Talks
Twitter 'Hijacked' By Pro Gov Messengers
List of Fake & Suspicious Iran Twitterers
Japan: NK May Launch Missile at Hawaii
Obama facing doubts among Americans
PETA miffed at Obama's fly "execution"
Sen. res apologizes for slavery
Senate disclaimer troubles some
Pilot Dies In Flight, Jet Lands Safely
Doctor: Pilot was "clinically dead"
Doctor: Heart attack prob. killed pilot
Kiddie porn found on shooter's computer
NASA launches lunar satellites
NASA probes possibility of shuttle sabotage
Evidence for shorelines on Mars announced
Supreme Court rejects right to DNA tests
Swine Flu Is Moving Into Summer Camps
9/11 hero dog gets 5 clones
Search off for woman who fell from ship
Great-grandmothers become bowling champions
Man attacked in Okla. for bologna sandwich
Man sets off fireworks in Arby's bathroom
Shelter to kill strays to make room for pit bulls
Fla. city to workers: Wear underwear, deodorant
Play halted at Lake Bethpage
Freeman's alleged family affair
Archuleta's dad
busted in prostitution sting
“Jon and Kate
have an announcement”
Rumors of Infidelity in
Joel, Katie Lee Separation
'Twilight' Star Hit By Cab
BECK to Re-Record Albums
'Year One' Falls Flat
Tyra Banks' stalker sentenced
Analyst expects 500000
iPhones sold this weekend

Of Local Interest:
DeKalb will get $90M stimulus boost
Hospital worker took BlackBerrys, cops say
Macon has America's best water
Bears on the move in North Georgia
Soldier runs Peachtree race in Iraq
WellStar may cut ties with Aetna
Showdown over airport guns
Vols to play in GA Dome, 2012
SunTrust may buy back securities
Smog alert puts ATL in the red
State's SAT scores down again
School systems apply to be charters
Solar firm chooses Norcross
WPS Atlanta Beat to play in 2010
Sharing a love of opera

FBI joins search; sitter's story doubted
TX youth prison sex scandal in court
CA utility cuts solar thermal deal
Maine Marriage Opponents Raise Stakes
Activists object to killing of geese
Closing arguments in music-sharing trial
Hecker to sue GMAC, following raids

Gay activists impatient w/ Obama
Obama's Fed plan worries Congress
Hillary recuperating from broken elbow
White House responds to Bush critique
GOP chief: ABC in the tank for Obama
General warns against ending F-22
House passes cash-for-clunkers leg.
'Bronx Guy' Accuses Dems Of Racism

As the World Turns:
Somali navy chief: World's worst job?
Skepticism About New Somali Navy
EU summit to focus on reform treaty
Operation to extend beyond Lalgarh
Row over blacked out MP expenses
Suspected US missile in Pakistan
Leaders meet Romanian Ambassador
News Conference w/ Obama and Lee
'Black box' firm hopes to find device
Major hits out at Iraq 'whitewash'

In Sport:
Play halted at Lake Bethpage
Rain suspends 1st round of US Open
Mauer given day off w/cold symptoms
Phillies' Lidge could return Tuesday
Wang to stay in Yanks' rotation
Piniella holds off on lineup changes
Jay Cutler impressing teammates
Jack Roush speaks on foreign affairs

The Economy, Stupid:
Geithner defends reform plan
Scrushy to pay $2.8B for fraud
Court narrows age bias cases
Mortgage Rate Dips to 5.38%
US natural gas reserves surge 35 pct
Financial Winners, Losers: Sallie Mae
Bailouts hurt Obama's approval rating

JPMorgan hires ex-Merrill exec
Is Bing Really Biting Into Google?
Carnival's Profit Tops Estimates
Strickland's plans for nuclear plant
Folgers perks up Smucker sales
Banks grow fat on small employers
Business buyers few & far between

Sirius xm's latest blunder
500k iPhones sold this weekend?
China clarifies web filter plans
T-Mobile Dash 3G To Drop In July
Techies Balk At Intel Chip Names
AT&T Beefs Up Wi-Fi Support For iPhone
Google Book Search gets facelift

Lungless "E.T." Salamander
Machu Picchu Always a Tourist Spot?
New Dinosaur Nut-Cracking "Parrot"
Real Cause of Gray Hair Discovered?
Britain releases new climate report
NASA probes possible shuttle sabotage

The Game:
Grand Slam Tennis Review
Overturn Hands On
C.O.P. The Recruit Hands On
Prototype Review
Fight Night Round 4: Hands-On
"No More Video Games"
Why the PSP Go Matters

The Life:
What She Thinks Of Your Fantasies
Balancing Business And Pleasure
Beat the (Sun)Burn
Top 10: Common Sports Injuries
Scotch Royale
5 to Drive: Fantasy Cars