Monday, June 22, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Iran arrests hundreds in clashes
Iran Guards vow protest crackdown
Iran accuses West of backing "rioters"
Protests spark religious rift
Daughter of Iranian cleric arrested
Iranian TV: 'Terrorists' Die
Four Rafsanjani relatives released
Mousavi says Obama mislead the world?
N.Korea accuses Obama of nuke plot
New tanks, new missiles, new guns
US Fortifies Hawaii to Meet Korean Threat
Gates: US ready to defend Hawaii
US aims nuke threat at N. Korea
Hawaiins nervous about NK missile launch
Gallup show Obama approval dropping
Baghdad shaken by fresh bombings
U.S. Open fans heckle Tiger Woods
Here come the Fake Umps
Larry Flynt rushed to hospital
OJ's ex-girl set to
write horrific tell all book
'Proposal' Tops Box Office
Transformers film is sexist and racist?
Jon Gosselin apartment hunts in NYC
Octomom vs. Kate Gosselin... Again
Wino launches St Lucia home bid
Thousands trapped by floods at radio concert
Julianne Hough joins 'Footloose' remake
Prince William wants frontline duty

Of Local Interest:
Police Launch DUI Crackdown
Loganville's Bailey commits to GT
Charity Denies Injured Vet Donated Home
Plan for rail making tracks in Georgia
Former Inmate Free for 10 Years
Police Investigate Nightclub Brawl
Fathers, baseball just go together
Black Bear Spotted In Acworth

CA rules pot smoke is carcinogen
NM police looking for Denny's killer
Unfair Denial of DNA Tests
Helicopter Crashes Off FLA Beach
Census 2010 To Include Gay Couples
Iranians in FLA use music to protest
NJ residents learn to bear it
Cockfights thrive as TN tradition

GOP sen: Obama's health plan is dead
Obama Defends Proposed New Agency
Obama, daughters head for ice cream
Pres. Pooch Gets Official Portrait
Paterson Calls Senate Spec. Session
Burris won't discuss future
McCain says Obama has 'done well'
In state GOP, Ensign finds few defenders
House impeaches fed. judge from TX

As the World Turns:
US Destroyer Shadows N. Korean Ship
McCain favors boarding NKorean ship
Berlusconi defiant as pressure grows
Iraqi bombing death toll climbs
Brown's sympathy at UK hostage deaths
Media Stayed Silent on Kidnapping
US Soldiers Killed In Bagram Attack
Miliband denies Iran 'meddling'
The PM with an unenviable task

In Sport:
Soggy US Open, Barnes Stands Alone
Konerko drives in 1000th career run
Matsuzaka lands on disabled list
Sky-High Hopes at Wimbledon
Cubs put Guzman on DL
Mets look to finish job in finale
Nilsson wins Saint-Omer Open

The Economy, Stupid:
Why Inflation Isn't the Danger
Stanford Indicted in Scam w/ Regulator
Jobless rate in West tops 10 pct
How the bailout bashed the banks
Senators skeptical about Obama plan
BofA loses two more directors
US stocks lose ground for week
More on Suspending Social Security

Xstrata, Anglo Am. in Merger Talks
Apple Rises 2.6%; RIM Sheds 4.9%
Citi's Banga Will Be MasterCard's No. 2
Real scoop on small biz grants
Small biz – opportunity, challenge
Family friction can kill a successful biz
Microsoft Executive Returns to EA

China to Google: No porn, or else
The Not-Quite-Green Prius
A Closer Look at IPhone 3G S
Drooling over Windows 7
Should FCC Restrict Handset Deals?
Palm Pre App Catalog - Slow Start
Sony Announces Vaio NW Series
Damages could backfire on music ind.

Work starts on New Mexico spaceport
Couple floats into zero gravity nuptials
The Origin of Father's Day
120,000-Year-Old Microbes Revived
Calculating the sounds of water
Digging history in a farm field
NASA Launches Moon Probes

The Game:
Fight Night Round 4
Batman: Arkham Asylum Hands On
Overturn Hands On
C.O.P. The Recruit Hands On
Blueberry Garden Review
Ghostbusters Game Guide
Hero Cop Caught Stealing Games

The Life:
Weapons You Wish You Saw More Of
Breakfast of Champions
Get Out of Debt Now
Investing In Real Estate
Master Flirter
The Wagon is Back