Monday, June 29, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Iranian police clash with up to 3000
UK Embassy workers arrested in Iran
Iran 'frees five' UK embassy staff
Secret camera leads to arrest of 9 in Iran
EU to counter Iran's "harassment" of staff
Iran Mass arrests: Broadest since 1979
Unease Mounts as US Leaves Iraq's Cities
American children stranded in Gaza
Climate change measure narrowly passed
Obama urges Sen to warm up to energy bill
Climate bill could punish Dems in 2010
Axelrod Won't Rule Out Tax Increase
WH Weighs Exec Order On Detention
3200 post offices slated for closure
Sanford's mistress mum on affair
Troops detain Honduran president
New Honduran leader sets curfew
Calls for Order as Hon. Mil. Arrests Pres.
Astrologer Arrested for Bad Vibes
Comic book writer detained by TSA
Police find no crime by Jackson doctor
Jackson's Death -- Demerol OD?
Jackson May Be Buried At Neverland
Son Thought MJ Joking When Collapsed
Michael Jackson's death sparks bus brawl
MJ's final rehearsal may be album
Joe Jackson: 'I Don't Like What Happened'
BET Awards Salute MJ With Tributes
Pitchman Billy Mays Dies at 50
Death caused by not wearing seatbelt?
Fred Travalena Dies at 66
Phil Spector moved to CA prison
Madoff's day of reckoning comes
US beef recall expanded
Guns At Church Event Draws Big Crowd
90yo woman gives 25th gal of blood
US passes million swine flu cases
Rivera earns 500th save for Yankees
Texting More Dangerous Than Drunk Driving
Spears', DeGeneres' accounts hacked
Apple Bans 'Hottest Girls' iPhone App
Beijing Adds Curbs on Access to Internet
Transformers earns $201 million!
Mythbuster Leads Revolt Against AT&T
Police Find Pot at Day Care Center

Of Local Interest:
New Miss Georgia gives up her title
State's No. 1 prospect picks UGA
Hall wants input on Poncey-Highland plan
Pedicabs find niche on Decatur streets
Properties left in limbo
Moms' niche is babies' care
Mountains beat out FLA Panhandle
2 dozen Atlantans among Madoff's victims
'America I AM' pays tribute to Jackson
Massive I-985 project nears completion

Conyers says little about wife's troubles
Sup. Court: Student Strip Search Illegal
Ugliest Dog Wins Big
USAirways jet blows tires on landing
Police seek gunman, killed 3 in pizzeria

How Mark Sanford's affair blew up
Most Americans Want Sotomayor on Court
More Furloughs Possible for California
Fixing the Voting Rights Act
Obama draws complaints among gays

As the World Turns:
Tokyo and Seoul in sanctions call
Bounty for Pakistan Taliban chief
Air France search for bodies ends
Good intentions on Road to Copenhagen
Arms witness hails loyalist move
Somali pirates release Belgian ship

In Sport:
Teen Joey Logano wins Sprint Cup event
Dixon prevails, ties IRL record
US soccer team had heart, Brazil more talent
Rivera takes place in history with No. 500
Two Pujols swings enough for Cards
Rachel runs rivals into the ground
NASCAR Licensing Fees Released

The Economy, Stupid:
GM to take on future liability claims
GM picks Mich. for small car plant
Judge delays release on Stanford bond
Unions, Matson Reaches Agreement
Five Banks Fail, Depositors Suffer
AIG's Deal: Fed Gets Stakes, Debt Is Cut
Consumer Spending AND Saving Up

Qantas Reduces Dreamliner Orders
Palm shares hit year-plus high
Yahoo! Just Has To Execute
Hartmarx Wins Court's Approval
GE to create 1200 jobs in Michigan
Biofuels Industry Drives Small Business
Expert outlines small business hurdles

Lenovo to offer free Windows updates
Google Voice moves toward launch
Windows 7 Pricing: How Much Lower?
Acer Unveils Display
HTC Sense UI Exclusive to HTC Hero

China's 104-Year-Old Twins
Glowing Blobs Reveal Galactic Secret
2,000yo Underground Chamber
Bone Flute - Oldest Instrument?
Buzz Aldrin weighs into NASA
Rocket launches weather satellite
Archaeological treasure trove in SC

The Game:
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
Blood Bowl Q&A
Madballs in Babo: Invasion
Battlefield 1943
Locals want you to 'shoot aliens'
Health games become serious biz
The upside of video games?

The Life:
Things New Girlfriends Lie About
How To Save $100
Depp's new nightclub
Three Healthy Dips
How To Pull Off A Pinstripe Suit
Aston Martin One-77