Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
'Missing' US gov. was on Argentina trip
Sanford returns to impeachment rumblings
Sanford story falling apart
Sanford admits extramarital affair
Obama tries to remedy health care

CNN Iran Plea Massacre

Massacre in Tehran, Tweeters and bloggers report
U.S. Takes Back July 4 Invitations to Iranians
Clashes as Ruling Cleric Says Iran Will Not Yield
Baghdad Bombing Kills At Least 55
Seinfeld star: Heal Mideast with comedy
Buffett: U.S. May Need 2nd Stimulus Package
Buy American, Destroy American Jobs?
German pensioners ‘kidnap and torture’
"Wipe out the aggressors once and for all"
NKorea likely to fire missiles off east coast
Frog 'marriage' to bring on monsoon
Buzz Aldrin Raps in New Video
Gay Exorcism video causes outrage
Cops say man blared porn to keep kids away
Nixon's black and white view of abortion
Richard Marx attacks RIAA$1.92M verdict
Perez sues Black Eyed Peas manager
'Real Housewives' sex tape blocked
"Transformers" midnight shows bring $16 mln
Oscars doubling number of Best Picture nominees
Jon & Kate Plus New Mates?

Of Local Interest:
McCartney to play ATL benefit
Chinese Econ. Magazine Picks ATL
Courthouse Lacks Formal Security Plan
Private school opens new facility
Want to drag race in front of 5000 fans?
"The Real Housewives of ATL" Returns
ASO concert pleases crowd
Hawks Close to Landing Crawford

Iowa high school football coach killed
Player arrested in Iowa coach murder
CA could run out of cash
New England fish-catch plan mulled
NC Priest Abuse Suit Moves Forward
Ill. sprays for gypsy moths in Ogle County
Campers upset over NH plan for 9% tax
IU installing 3945-pipe organ
LA musicians help in film's score

Obama to Meet w/ the Pope
Gates Creates Cyber-Defense Command
Climate bill could reward farmers
Diane Sawyer on Obama TV day
Developments in NY Senate struggle
Crist vetoes State Farm bill
Schieffer announces run for TX gov.
Sensenbrenner delivers impeachment papers

As the World Turns:
Sarkozy Reshuffles His Cabinet
Sarkozy makes Mitterrand minister
US Takes Back July 4 Invitations
'Dozens dead' in Baghdad bombing
The Kremlin takes an African safari
Israel PM / US Envoy Meeting Postponed
China Arrests Prominent Dissident
Obama opened "window of hope"
Torture At Bagram?

In Sport:
Jason Bay, RBI machine
Serena rolls; Sharapova exits Wimbledon
Live Yankee baseball coming to Internet
Elliot Williams Leaving Duke
Sportswear co. sues Nike, Hall of Fame
Ray Allen Thinks He's Staying Put
Peppers signs franchise tender

The Economy, Stupid:
New home sales fall unexpectedly
Dollar climbs after the Fed
Stocks trim gains after Fed
AAA: Weak econ. will zap vacations
Oil slips below $69
Buffett has trouble seeing 'green shoots'
SEC Votes On Money Market Funds
Emergency small biz loans to rescue
China Strikes Expensive Oil

Starbucks and small business
Nokia, Intel Partnership A 'Win-Win'
World's millionaire population shrinks
LinkedIn interim president named CEO
KKR unveils latest plan to go public
Avaya Eying Nortel's Enterprise Business?
ZeniMax Media Acquires Id Software

iPhone costs $179 to produce
Jobs nearly died and lied about it?
US urges China to revoke filter req.
Mobile Social Networking Tips
HTC Introduces its Third Android Phone
MS' free security beta fills up
Microsoft Hohm Cuts Power Bills
More Android Rollouts
RealPlayer Aims For Mobile Devices

Saturn moon - liquid H2O below surface
Mystery Glaciers Growing, Others Shrink
Life Around High-Altitude Vents
LRO Arrives At Moon
How Fakes on eBay Save Antiquities
Neanderthals made mammoth jerky
The physics of fly homicide

The Game:
iRacing: One Little Victory
Battlefield 1943
MySims Racing Review
Knights in the Nightmare
ZeniMax Media Acquires id Software
College Consumerism Run Amok?
"They're Called Games"

The Life:
Lessons From Legendary Alpha Males
Credit-Crunch Dating
The Argument Against Yoga
The Argument For Yoga
Styx Visits The White House!
6 Dream Neo-Retro Cars
Healthy Barbecuing