Friday, June 26, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Michael Jackson Dies!
Michael Jackson "suffers cardiac arrest"
Africa cries for Michael Jackson
Spent fortune faster than he earned it
Uri Geller: Stress killed Michael Jackson
Madonna 'can't stop crying' over Jackson

Farrah Fawcett: 1947 - 2009
Actress Farrah Fawcett Dies at 62
Friends react to Farrah Fawcett's death
Fawcett could win posthumous Emmy
Photographer Recalls An Iconic Shoot
Sanford returns as cheating politician
Sanford's 'Story,' Interpreted
E-mails detail intimate affair
Jenny Sanford asked for separation
Iran Stepping Up Effort to Quell Protest
Ahmadinejad calls Obama a meddler
Can the US Deal With a Divided Iran?
Learning from Iran's Past Revolutions
IRAN: Is the gov't crackdown working?
Italy urges G8 firmness on Iran
Pentagon Unmoved by NK "Silliness"
US renews sanctions against NKorea
WHO chief: H1N1 virus is stable
Swine flu could turn more lethal in winter
53 baby birds seized from teen’s bedroom
Shaq traded to Cleveland Cavaliers
Nude photos of Benoit's wife ruled illegal
Billy Bob's Daughter Indicted, Babysitting Death
Police charge Thornton's daughter w/ murder
Letterman Beats Conan in Ratings
A New Era in Late Night Television

Of Local Interest:
ATL among least fave travel spots in survey
3 Men Arrested for Xbox Scam
DOT: Expect Tall Grass and Lots of Trash
Coweta Man Jailed for Child Molestation
Employees evacuated at downtown building
Pet Goats Mauled by Pack of Wild Dogs
Exorcism charges dropped
Holyfield faces foreclosure again
Plane Makes Newton Co. Emerg. Landing
Atlanta Eagle: No changes despite foreclosure

Slain football coach was pillar of town
Thomas draws many fans to vigil
Parkersburg: 13 months of heartache
White supremacist Hal Turner arrested
Radio Host Arrested in Threats on Judges
Gang Leaders Indicted in CA
Supreme Court rejects school strip search
OH firefighter jailed for killing dogs
FAFSA Gets a Little Easier
TN Plant On "Verge Of Failure"

GOP watch: Romney on the rise?
Obama's First Step on Immigration
Bachmann links Census Jap. internment
Limits on Emissions Have Wide Support
Opposition to "cap-and-trade" grows in US
Specter's approval rating plunges
CA Dems' budget plan crashes and burns
House panel examines attorneys' oversight

As the World Turns:
Air France pilot body identified
France ponders a burqa ban
Iraq Struck by a Wave of Bombings
Escort denies paid to scandalize Berlusconi
Key US aide hails Pakistan's war
Somali rebels amputate thieves' limbs
US criticizes arrest of Chinese dissident
Whaling summit seeks compromise
Kyrgyz parliament approves US base deal

In Sport:
Tonight's just a start for John Smoltz
Phillies activate Lidge from DL
US win at Confed Cup an anomaly
VWilliams beats Bondarenko at Wimbledon
Del Potro knocked out at Wimbledon
Future Stars come out in droves
Teams call for neutral F1 chief

The Economy, Stupid:
Economy still flat, Buffett tells CNBC
Fed To Face Probe On BofA-Merrill Deal
Oil falls as demand stagnates
Europe's Quiet Aggression Could Pay Off
`Coconut economy ' untapped
Asia stocks rally on steady Fed
European shares edge lower in early trading

Toyota to review product ranges
Big Hotel Planned Next to Sears Tower
Misys numbers get lift from Allscripts
China's Sinopec to buy Addax
H&M Q2 profits beats expectations
KKR Stock Is Coming, via Europe
Biofuels Industry Drives Small Business

Kayak to Bing: Stop Copying Us!
MS Has Big Plans for Power-saving
Road test: Gokivo iPhone navigation app
US Gov't Blocks Sharp TV Imports
Google bringing AdSense to mobile apps
Boxee Alpha for Windows
Should CEOs be active in social media?

Orangutan Is Our Closest Relative?
The Physics of a Free-Fall Wedding
Oldest Known Elephant Ancestor Found
Flute fragments 35000 years old
Mystery of Facedown Burials Solved?
Stem cell surprise for tissue regeneration
New source of stem cells

The Game:
White and Page diss 'Guitar Hero'
Guitar Hero: Modern Hits
Overturn Hands On
Free Realms First Impression
Puzzle Kingdoms Review
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Hints (PS2)
New Wii screens, Colin McRae: DiRT 2

The Life:
The Dangers Of Being A Fattie
Business Trips 101
Dating Cougars
Rock 'N' Roll Hairstyles
Summer Cocktails Remixed
Spied: 2011 Ford Edge