Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Supreme Court won't block Chrysler sale
Fiat closing in on Chrysler deal, shrs rise
Whitacre named new GM chairman
Arnold proposes cutting off all welfare
Ten banks allowed to pay back TARP
Treasury to let 10 banks repay $68 bln
Trial of Gitmo detainee tests US legal system
First detainee moved to US pleads not guity
Katie Couric's ratings hit all-time low
Letterman, CBS close to deal
Woman jumps White House fence
Reporters Facing Prison
Ahmadinejad: Rivals use Hitler tactics
Captain Testifies at US Airways Hearing
"Bird warnings from tower of little value"
Submarine at air crash scene to hunt black boxes
FLA fisherman hooks live missile
Fisherman nets live guided missile
Vacation tweets lead to burglary?
Craigslist rapist found dead
Orlando fires back against the Lakers
Red Wings are forced to Game 7
Lambert talks about sex, drugs, 'Idol'
Singer busted for doing heroin on flight
'My Name Is Earl' may be saved
Christian Metal Rocker Marries Hooker
Latifah: I was sex abuse victim

Of Local Interest:
Body Found At Buckhead Elem. School
Tenn. DA reviewing rape case polygraph
Pro golfer hurt, 2 killed in I-20 wreck
Cops: Alleged molester used MySpace
Ex-DeKalb police chief files EEOC claim
CBS sets reality show in Kennesaw
Lawyers move away from hourly billing
26 Grady High computers stolen
Vick's football career may stop in Orlando
TV stations stretch staffs
Reverse mortgage pays off
Community care next step for Grady
ATL Motor Speedway sues Pep Boys
Homes Vandalized With Swastikas
Commuter buses have some fuming

Roof Collapse At NC ConAgra Plant
Injuries reported in plant collapse
Shots reported at NY school
NY school locked down
Jefferson bribery trial begins in Va.
Solar Showdown Looms in California
HBO Poll: Bible As Lit In Idaho?
34 Illegals Found in Drophouse
Lincoln paper mystery deepens
FDA says hand sanitizer has too much bacteria
Founder of Chili's, Bennigan's, and Mac Grill dies

CIA warns over terror documents
Pay-as-you-go plan for Congress?
Obama Seeks to Restrain Spending
Dems vow to take back NY Senate
Guantanamo Detainee Held in NYC
GOP Fundraiser - Dinner and a Circus
VA primary turnout dribbles, rain pours
Hastert's son announces House bid

As the World Turns:
Lethal blast hits Pakistani hotel
Brown cabinet looks beyond turmoil
Journalists unlikely to see nasty prisons
Loving Israel by hating Obama?
Former Iran pres. condemns Ahmadinejad
Gabon appoints interim president
Myanmar allows Suu Kyi witness
Sri Lanka extends anti-terror laws

In Sport:
Orlando fires back against the Lakers
Red Wings are forced to Game 7
Hot? Tiger. Not? Tiger.
Sutter Resigns as Devils Coach
Nadal hoping to be fit for Wimbledon
Surgery for Belmont runner-up Dunkirk
Reynolds returning for senior season
Favre's Uncertainty Affecting Vikings
Sox call up prospect Poreda
Leg injury not slowing down Ramirez
Williams Wall: NFL retaliating for suing

The Economy, Stupid:
Diesel fuel prices climbing fast
More stress tests urged for banks
German Stocks Decline for 2nd Day
EU finance ministers outline overhaul
Dollar falls broadly, euro above $1.40
US wholesale inventories fall for 8th mo.
Recovery Hopes Boost Oil Prices

Texas Instruments Shares Rally
P&G unlikely to announce new CEO Tues.
Callaway shares slide on dividend cut
Talbots to Drop 20% of Corporate Jobs
Feeder airline growth breeds corner-cutting
Navistar Reports $12 Million Profit in 2Q
Small business pushes credit card reform

Hacker 'too fragile' to extradite
WWDC: Attack of the Apple "Fans"
Pre and new iPhone: iPhone wins
Bing gives Microsoft bounce
Reassessing the Apple Tax
Social Networking Returns to China
T-Mobile hack data is genuine

Mars Orbiter Reboots After Glitch
Proposed NASA Cuts Draw Fire
Technique for Measuring Univ. Expansion
Galaxy's outer halo lopped off?
Vatican visits 'Big Bang' machine
Home computer bad for your health?
Lack of Sleep Raises Blood Pressure
West Nile virus in full swing in Montco

The Game:
Battle of Fallujah Still Alive
EA lashes out at licensed games
Wanted: Lawyers Who've Got Game
Yosumin! LIVE review
Super Mario Bros Wii Hands-On
Borderlands E3 2009 Demo
Wallace & Gromit Episode 1 Review

The Life:
Top 10: Nude Beaches
Over 60 and Badass
Must-Have Long-Term Savings
Road Test: 2010 BMW Z4
Dealing With a Hellish Boss