Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Obama gets testy with press
Text of Obama's News Conference
Obama's toughest words yet on Iran
2nd Stimulus Bill Not Yet Needed
Obama warns of economic pain
Iranian internet user stumps Obama
Optimism over stimulus fading
Obama admits occasional cigarette
Obama to throw out first pitch at All-Star game
Council Declares Iran Vote Will Stand
Time frame for Ahmadinejad's inaugural
Iran Accuses UN Chief of Meddling
Iran parliament to discuss UK ties
French president says no to burkas
Split deepens among Iranian clerics
New Nixon Tapes, Files Released
Berlusconi denies paying for sex
F-16 crash pilot confirmed dead
Boeing delays Dreamliner's maiden flight
9 fatalities in DC Metro train crash
Subway was older, needed phasing out
75+ Injured in Metro Accident
Crash subway 'warned over trains'
Officials investigating crash
'Spam King' pleads guilty in Detroit
Sanford Seen In Atlanta Airport
NJ girl , 14 , gets probation
for posting nude pics
Ed McMahon Dead at Age 86
A one-of-a-kind second banana
A salute to the king of sidekicks
Conan pays tribute to Ed McMahon
You Light Up My Life writer charged over rapes
Craigslist ad leads to pot bust
Deputy arrested for vomiting at Chesney concert
Man drives drunk in golf cart on highway
Lil Wayne appears in Ariz court
'Jon & Kate' divorce
episode - record ratings
Brown Cops Plea in Rihanna Case

Kelly Clarkson Laughs About Perez

GLAAD tells Perez to apologize
Hilton not sorry for using gay slur

Hasselbeck accused of plagiarism
Jimmy Page criticises Guitar Hero
`Transformers' shape-shifts into nonsense
'Transformers' sequel explodes w/ idiocy
Parker, Broderick welcome twin girls

Of Local Interest:
3 teens held in one Georgia Tech assault
Carrollton Trio Charged w/ Wal-Mart Thefts
Video: Boy hit by car walks away
Shelter's water ordered back on
Robberies continue in complex near Tech
Home invasion victim dies from injuries
Officer held on child porn charges
Clermont working to avoid foreclosure
Cobb Compost Facility Up in Flames
State Board of Ed. meeting scheduled
APD Officer Loses Gun, Fails Drug Test
Bizarre crimes from APD reports

Hawaiians Shrug Off Missile Threat
Sanford's Disapperance: He's Just Weird
Harvard: Hundreds Of Layoffs Looming
Southern Baptists Reject Church
Cat-tastrophe for animal shelter
Louisiana fugitive captured
Divers to survey Civil War ironclad
New Yorkers Favor Same-Sex Marriage

NY Senators Return for Special Session
Hoyer wants energy bill vote by Friday
Sup. Court narrows Voting Rights Act
Ensign apologizes during lunch w/ GOP
House refuses to delay tax break

As the World Turns:
Iranian women stand up in defiance
US, NATO: Good Afghan gov't is key
Israel wants Hamas prisoner swap
'Dozens dead' in US drone strike
Speaker to MPs: let's get a move on
"No black box signals from Flight 447"

In Sport:
Should Danica steer toward NASCAR?
NASCAR: A big slice of Americana
Bucks to send Jefferson to Spurs
Venus beats Voegele at Wimbledon
Celtics-Pistons Rumor Makes Little Sense
Bankrupt Coyotes to go to auction
FSU reserve linebacker arrested

The Economy, Stupid:
The inflation vs. deflation debate
Home sales rise, prices fall 17%
US, EU Slam China on Exports
Crude shifts higher on weak dollar
"Pension reform must go on"
Madoff says 12 years is plenty
Russia's GDP contracts 11% in May
Shares fall after Wall Street's tumble
Ford to get $6 bln technology loan
Airport fast-lane program shuts down
MySpace to cut 2/3 of workforce
Huntsman, Banks Reach Settlement
TJX settles data breach case w/ US
Kroger earnings at a glance
Nissan's electric car creates TN jobs

Intel Deal Gives Nokia Options
Android Changing Smartphone Game
China Not Relenting On Internet Mandate
Google's content trial delayed
Motorola unveils the Karma QA1
Dunkin' unveils Web site, iPhone app
MacBook Pro firmware updated

Sunspot Delay Due to Plasma "Jet Stream"?
Ancient Shoreline Found on Mars
CO2 Levels Highest in 2mln Years
Highest Microbial Life Found on Volcano
NASA Probe Orbits Moon
Buzz Aldrin: Moon to alcoholism
Carvings From Cherokee Script's Dawn

The Game:
Best Buy Launches Used Game Sales
Ghostbusters hits slime time
Young hockey stars face off
Rock Band's Beatles mini-movie
Antichrist: The Video Game?
Review: Spore Galactic Adventures

The Life:
Maximum Efficiency: The Beer Holster
How To: Set Up A Home Theater System
Top 10: Cheap Date Ideas
Lessons From The Lufthansa Heist
2010 Porsche Panamera