Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Train Crash in D.C. Leaves 9 People Dead
Investigators probe capital's worst crash
Fiancé: Neda wanted freedom
Death video girl 'targeted by militia'
Viva Twitter Revolution from armchair
Iran Council Finds Poll Irregularities
Russia urges 'constitutional' solution
Security presence restores calm in Tehran
Iranian cops use force to break up protest
The Crack Becomes a Crevice
Protesters Return to Tehran Streets
Mousavi's unusual career arc
Burqas "Unwelcome" In France
The NKorean Showdown Ratchets Up
NKorea threatens to harm US if attacked
Korean Strike Looms as New Threat
Obama: US Ready for Threat from NKorea
USS John McCain: Mission attempted
Google to cut China porn results
Obama the smoker signs anti-smoking bill
Talking Tobacco Companies Into Regulation
Pres Invokes Struggle W/ Cigs as He Signs Bill
Obama's poll numbers start to wilt
NYT/CBS Poll With Obama Voters?
SC Governor mysterious 4 days out of sight
TV host Ed McMahon is dead at age 86
Markoff loudly pleads 'not guilty'
Madoff Feeder Was Fraud's Facade
Lucas Glover wins the US Open
US Open - final round as it happened
Study: Nearly all teens play video games
Kodak to Stop Kodachrome Production
'Jon & Kate Plus 8' stars to divorce
Michael Jackson video game on the way?
Blogger Perez Hilton alleges assault
McConaughey expects second child
Ryan O'Neal Proposes to Farrah
Farrah Fawcett Back In Hospital
Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland'

Of Local Interest:
MARTA: Rate Hike, No Service Cuts
Bank flop lures CenterState to Atlanta
Long named DOT Planning Dir.
Police Increase Patrols Near Ga. Tech
Schools Try to Fill Math, Science Jobs
Son signs MLK book republishing deal
Water Turned off at Homeless Shelter
Shelter Hopes to Have Water Turned On
Clean energy will benefit Georgia
Marietta woman faces child cruelty
Speakeasy with RuPaul

1 dead, 6 hurt in Ill. train derailment
Dairy-Cow Kill to Double Milk Price
Gates Foundation gives $16M to colleges
Cleveland river celebrated on fire anniv.
Southern Baptists fight decline
Nothing ruled out in Athens fire
Accidental shooting kills girl
NJ to Consider Banning Drivers' GPS
NY students meet with Mandela
Hollywood comes to central Maine

Supreme Court to review sex offender law
Sup. Court avoids major voting rights ruling
Obama to hold news conference Tues.
Ensign's approval rating plunges
Court will not revive Plame's lawsuit
No Evidence To Charge Mayor, AG Says
Sonia's late -- Corker cancels
Disclosure bill defeated by LA Lawmakers

As the World Turns:
Civilians Killed in Afghan Bombing
Attacks kill 33 in Iraq
Plea from Iraq hostages' families
UK pledges new aid to Zimbabwe
Ingush leader wounded in bombing
Severe turbulence injures seven
'Utegate' e-mail declared a fake
Clinton cancels Europe trip after surgery

In Sport:
Lucas Glover wins the US Open
US Open - final round as it happened
Federer makes happy return
Blake suffers surprise early exit
Phils' Howard sees doctor, status uncertain
FIFA Pres. Discusses World Cup Issues
Does Manny deserve rehab assignment?
Postmortem: "Ultimate Fighter" finale

The Economy, Stupid:
Auto Survey Shows Progress for Detroit
Stocks Fall on Econ. Worries
Goldman Disputes Bonus Report
"Echo Boom" will bail out housing
Steel shares fall, grim world forecast
Inflation sparks glowing on the horizon

Tesla CEO says Roadster costs down
Anglo Am. board rejects merger offer
Walgreen 3Q Profit Falls 8.7%
Merck selling $4.25 bln in debt
CBS names new CFO
Harvard Mgmt US Bond Head to Quit
Jack Welch Launches Online MBA
BAE Systems president resigns

Blu-ray Winning Battle, Losing War
Mytouch 3G: Too Little, Too Late?
Palm Pre developers told to read a book
A possible look at Bing mobile client
Netbooks shine in gloomy PC market
Google Testing New Product Ads

The Great White Shark's Criminal Mind
Giant Sperm Is Ancient Adaptation
Probe To Slam Into Moon Searching for Ice
NASA re-schedules abort system test'
Climate debate running hot and cold
Ancient man-made cave found in Israel
Rock shelter: Look at early human life

The Game:
Is Tiger Woods Hurting Golf?
Celebrity voiceovers in videogames
Game on for teenage store owner
Schappert back to EA as COO
Video Game Sales Weak in May

The Life:
Top 10: Cars Your Dad Loved
Luxury Whiskeys
Surviving the Elements
Things New Girlfriends Lie About
Thai Beef Hot & Sour Soup