Monday, June 8, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
NK Sentences US Journalists to 12 Years
12 years in North Korean labour camp
Al Gore silent as journalists are sentenced
Obama hardens US stance on NKorea
Ahmadinejad, Karroubi clash in debate
Ahmadinejad rival says supporters targeted
Kennedy Details Vision for Health Care
GOP senator irked at Obama over heath care
China quarantines New Orleans mayor
Obama has taster for French food
Conservatives score wins in EU voting
Swedish pirates capture EU seat
Euro Elections: Country-by-country
Pro-West bloc retains control in Lebanon
Call to back PM as unrest grows
Labour fourth in latest results
Leaked email lists Brown's defects
Grandpa Silvio 'is impotent'
Castro Calls US Spy Case 'Ridiculous'
Watergate burglar, 92, dies
Debris retrieved from crash
Focus on Airbus speed sensors
Airlines wait for directive after crash
Abortion doctor killer
says more violence coming
Jersey Set to Legalize Mary Jane
Burger King Global Warming Dispute
Recession hurting hookers
Texas cop tasers 72yo woman
First African-Am. Rabbi Ordained
One in three TWITTER users never post
Home gender testing kit & abortion fears
"Maggot Juice" to Heal Wounds Faster?
Injected with HIV as baby, teen graduates
Lakers 101, Magic 96
Magic had victory in hand
Federer wins 14th major title
Man runs onto court in Open final

Rios apologizes for profane tirade

TV digital conversion begins on Friday
'Potentially Deadly' Sex Acts
Upset over Carradine photo
Family Asks For FBI Support
'Hangover' Rages, as
'Land of the Lost' Thuds
Tony Awards Ruled By Billy Elliot
Tony Awards: 11 Best/Worst Moments
Heidi Montag Hospitalized
Brooke Shields Scores Settlement
Wanted: Male Prostitutes in Nevada

Bad Stripper Pole Form

Of Local Interest:
Atlanta called 2nd least-safe city in US
Costs to lure NCR jobs: $96 million
Child in critical conditon after hit by car
Injured Cherokee teen headed to spinal unit
A new era: Braves welcome Hanson
Report: Glavine may file grievance
Sports program for disabled in danger
Yes, some jobs are hard to fill
Atlanta Dream at Washington Mystics
Stimulus projects pull in low bids
Man Claims Abduction, Assault Staged
Residents: Road Too Close to Elementary
Sunny weekend ahead, then more rain

Man arrested in threat to kill Obama
Domestic Extremist Hunting Obama
GM to sell Saturn to Penske
Hummer heading to China
Auto Industry Gets a New Biz Model
Investors want to delay Chrysler sale
TX officials urge residents to be counted
SEC charges former Countrywide CEO
Mozilo charged with fraud
Standoff ends with escapees' arrests
State OKs school official's settlement
5 shot in Connecticut pizza parlor
TX driver's licenses stuck in pileup
Judge approves Wal-Mart settlement
The Gateway Arch gets a friend
New Orleans WWII museum finds niche

Judge's Votes Show No Single Ideology
Senator's Shift Hardly Momentous
Gingrich To "Reframe" Racist Tweet
Odds and Ends Palin helps pay tribute
Pelosi unbound
Lawyers agreed on legality of tactics

As the World Turns:
Lebanese Vote in Crucial Elections
Peru army imposes Amazon curfews
Hezbollah at center of Lebanon vote
Mexico buries children after fire

In Sport:
Lakers 101, Magic 96
Magic had victory in rookie's hands ... twice
Federer wins 14th major title
Man runs onto court in Open final
Padres snap skid with six-run sixth
Rangers knew they'd struggle
'Grumpy' Kobe still enjoying himself
Rookie shares lead at the Memorial
Summer Bird's win a Belmont surprise

The Economy, Stupid:
Gas prices above $2.60
Oil touches $70, then backs down
Fed to Hire Lobbyist, Overhaul Push Looms
Citi capital raising hit by FDIC threat
21% drop in 2009 chip sale
The Repsonse to Schweitzer
Energy realism - finding common ground

Wal-Mart Outlines Momentum Plans
Apple Could Steal Spotlight, Again
Wind River, meet the 800-pound gorilla
Russia wants Opel know-how
Venture Capitalists Head for the Door
Social networking up in US
Building America's Power Grid

Palm Pre's big day
Bing - solid start, not that good
Opera 10 Beta Released
Sony hooks up with Vevo
Yahoo Adds Apps to Mail, Homepage
Google Rolls Out Google Squared
Hulu headed for subscription scheme?

Stunning New Cloud Type Discovered?
Physics should be part of driver training
Swine Flu Cases Still Rising
How Common Is Tourette's Syndrome?
NY smokers continue to butt out
Video aims to stop diabetes bullying

The Game:
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
25 Years of Tetris: From Russia w/ Fun!
Quantum Theory First Impression
Soul of the Ultimate Nation
Karma: Operation Barbarossa
Alliance of Valiant Arms
Red Faction: Guerrilla
Swords and Soldiers Review

The Life:
Air Racing a Flight to the Death?
Michael Schumacher: Driving Tips
5 Great Veggies You Haven’t Heard Of
Training Your Girlfriend