Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today's Jog Blog
Ahmadinejad challenger calls off Tehran rally
Shots Fired at Massive Rally in Tehran
Iranian hardliners kill eight protesters
Iran to Recount Specific Ballot Boxes
Big crowd turns out for rally in Tehran
Photos: Iran's Disputed Election
Protests Become a 'Twitter Revolution'
List of Iranians Using Twitter to Update
The Revolution Will NOT Be Twittered
Obama's speech to the AMA
Obama Outlines Health Initiatives
Wooing Doctors on Health Care Reform
Obama Lays Out Plans for National Health
Obama gets smattering of boos from Docs
Obama, ABC to host health care town hall
Obama Fires Insp. Who Investigated Friend
The curious firing of Gerald Walpin
Cheney responds to Panetta remarks
George Latest Obama to Sign Book Deal
Economic woes slam Wall Street
Durbin cashed out during big stock collapse
On The Illegality of the Chrysler Deal
New Buzzword: Funemployment
“ Conservatives” Largest Ideological Group
Border agents strip search wrong woman
World's first face, hand transplant recipient dies
Man reports robbery from his meth lab
Man spits in cop's Egg McMuffin

Letterman apologizes to Palin

Fire David Letterman Rally Set

Zero-emission car to hit roads soon
Medical marijuana not to sprout quickly
Nude man found tied to a rock, arrested
1st anti-stab knife goes on sale in UK

Week-old puppy flushed down lavatory

Burress case delayed until September
Madonna ecstatic over adoption ruling
Jon & Kates Separate Anniversary

Al Roker vs. Heidi Montag

Boyle 'will sing' at Glasgow show

4th season of 'Montana' will be its last
Bonnaroo was NIN's Final US Concert
Top 10 Evil Men of All Time

Being Pinocchio Malkovitch

Of Local Interest:
Teacher's sex-assault conviction overturned
Knife hits cellphone; clerk shoots back
UGA students lose music lawsuit
Swine flu case confirmed at Georgia Tech
WiMax turns Atl into giant wireless hotspot
Test tampering may become criminal
Most of SE GA blueberry crop ruined
MARTA to discuss fare hikes Tues., Wed.
Burger binge benefits 1st responders
Movies to music, outings are free
Law firms hire fewer new grads
When does ATL get a victory parade?
Disabled workers hit hard by tough times
Local Charity Named as Award Finalist
Victim wonders why he was shot
Plenty of concerts coming up

US implements vaccine plans
Boy Responds To Forced Chemo
Jury seated in music downloading trial
2 Killed in VA Bus Station Shooting
Museum Shooter's Arraignment Postponed
Police confirm doctor, wife found dead
Warthogs get makeover in Idaho
Electricity out for thousands in TX

Sotomayor embracing affirmative action
CIA Fired Firms Aiding Questioning
Crist signs gambling bill
GOP watch: Over the line?
More charges filed in sludge probe
Gov. Perry signs eminent domain bill
Sup. Court denies border fence appeal
Obama half brother working on book

As the World Turns:
Nigerian rebels threaten World Cup
'US, Israel can make settlement deal'
Low-Cost Warplanes Draw Attention
At least 3 hostages killed in Yemen
Brown favors secrecy for Iraq inquiry
US rejects 'Cuba Five' spy plea
Reporters violated Israeli censorship
Police double-Taser arrest probed

In Sport:
Giants, Burress settle differences
Hurricanes agree to terms w/ Maurice
Can Tiger win back-to-back US Opens?
Laimbeer to resign as Shock coach
Buck books Favre for HBO show
Lawal withdraws from NBA draft
Kyle Busch and Scott Speed, teammates?

The Economy, Stupid:
Economic woes slam Wall Street
Crude falls as dollar gains strength
Obama to offer broad market overhaul
IMF official: US dollar reserve status to stay
Bill Ford Jr: Govt Needs Indust. Policy
Deflation risks easing: Fed's Bullard
ECB: banks to face further pressure
Lincoln National leads financial sector lower

Wal-Mart: No Place to Go but Down
Data Domain rejects EMC's bid
AEP signs first solar energy agreement
Extended Stay Hotels files Chapter 11
$75000 granted to grow small business
New rules for REAP
Small Business Still Don't See the Clouds
IBM puts its business in the Cloud
Six Flags files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Bing Adds Porn Domain
iPhone 3G S pre-orders start shipping
Microsoft: No iPhone reimbursements
Microsoft launches reality show
Universal & Virgin in Anti-Piracy Pact
A fair price for unlimited downloads?
'Green Dam' Developer Threatens Suit
Adobe to Charge for Acrobat.com
5M Facebookers Rushed for Vanities
Google readying microblog search?
Samsung Omnia 2 coming to Verizon
Hunch May Help You Make Decisions

Rare Leopards Caught by Camera Traps
Snow Leopards Caught by Camera Traps
"Human"-Faced Missing Link in Spain?
Planting the Food of the Future
Famous fossils display in Times Square
Study links ADHD meds to rare deaths
Asteroid Probe Set to "Collide" w/ Earth
NASA delays launch to Wednesday
Study links ADHD meds to rare deaths
Obesity ops 'raise fracture risk'

The Game:
SuperCar Challenge
Video games used to treat patients?
Monster Racers Hands On
Warriors Orochi 2 Hands On
Zen Pinball Review
C.O.P. The Recruit Hands-On
Fuel Review

The Life:
Heidi Montag Strips For Playboy
The Next Donnie Brasco?
How To: Read A Compass
Meet The New Kate Bosworth
IQ Tests: Do You Buy Them?
Driving Impression: 2010 Acura TSX