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#6 (6-27-08)

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U.S. Stocks Drop, Worst June Since Depression

Oil Surges Above $140 to Record

Schwarzenegger Slams Offshore Drilling 'Politicians'

Tests show Martian soil can support life
Martian Soil Resembles That in Veggie Gardens

US top court finds individual right to own guns
Analysis: Some answers, more questions in gun case
Impact of Gun Ruling Limited, Some Experts Say
Gun ban ruling has Chicago thinking it's next

North Korea Details Nuclear Program
Cautious Welcome for NK's Nuke Declaration
Rice says US has means to verify NK statement
Bush welcomes N. Korea move on nuclear program
NKorea set to blow up nuke plant on TV
5 North Korean defectors in Thailand leave for US
Reaction to the US lifting North Korea sanctions

Ground Beef Recalled by Kroger
12 new E. coli reports being investigated
Tainted tomato cases top 750

No ice at the North Pole?

WALL•E is out of this world
"WALL*E:" Animated robot tale is magic

Jolie-Pitt Foundation donates $1 mil to Iraqi kids
Is Angelina Jolie still pregnant?
‘Wanted’: Fine actors looking for plausible plotline

Clooney calls for truce between actors unions

Madonna Seeking Legal Advice for Divorce

NBC reaches 'Predator' settlement

Tim McGraw Concert Fight, Concert Tips

Buyers bet Don Imus won't get the axe

Inmate leaves toilet paper rose after jail escape

Of Local Interest:
5 arrested in prostitution sting
Foreclosure pets euthanized
Man held in squirrel shootings
UGA player arrested again

Trail Droppings:
Polls: Obama up in 4 battleground states
Obama plans to run McCain ragged across the US
McCain's Online Boosters Wage Uphill Fight
McCain-Obama So Far: Positively Negative

Clinton returns to campaign trail for Obama
AFL-CIO backs Obama, promises turnout drive
Sharpton Gets After Nader for Getting After Obama
McCain takes aim at Obama over court gun ruling
McCain confirms trip to Colombia, Mexico next week
Bush touts McCain's experience at fund-raiser
McCain seeks to reassure conservatives in Ohio

Snapshot of War:

Congress passes new Iraq war funds
Bombers Kill at Least 30 in Iraq Attacks
Dozens killed in Iraq bombings
Sharif’s poll ban to be challenged
Violence erupts as Pakistan's by-elections underway
Pakistan denies link to Karzai attack
UN drug chief: Insurgents complicating drug war
Israeli Army: Palestinian Rocket Lands in Southern Israel
Israeli negotiator arrives in Cairo for prisoners swap talks
Gaza Reflects on One Year of Hamas Rule


CA. Governor Seeks Help In Battling Wildfire
Supreme Court Rejects Controversial Campaign Finance Provision
AIDS cases up in men who have sex with men
Hand-held Magnetic Device Eases Migraines
House passes music royalty bill
Settling Inquiry, Anheuser Drops Caffeinated Brews
Manhattan splashes out with public art: waterfalls

As the World Turns:
Zimbabwe opposition waits for Mugabe to 'self destruct'
Nepal's PM steps down, Maoists to lead new republic
Fresh start in EU-Russia ties hits new trade snag
Japanese 10 yo's taken to whale slaughter
Greenland bid to raise whale hunt quota fails
The 'value' of protecting whales

In Sport:

The Story of Draft Night 2008
Timberwolves trade Mayo to Memphis for Love
Sharapova, Roddick upset in 2nd round at Wimbledon

How Microsoft can reinvent itself in the post-Gates era
T-Mobile Rolls Out Home Phone Plan
Anheuser-Busch Rejects InBev's Hostile Takeover Bid
Countrywide Financial hit with lawsuits as shareholders approve merger
May home sales uptick helps unsold backlog
Visa to reduce transaction fees for gas stations
Chrysler to offer Wi-Fi in 2009 autos
ICANN Expands Top Level Domain Name Options
Internet org paves way for hundreds of new domains
Palm Loss Is Wider Than Estimated as BlackBerry Gains
After Delays, Microsoft Releases Hyper-V Server Virtualization
Why Are 3G iPhones So Cheap?
20 million Firefox 3 downloads in a week, ~4% market share
Review: Strong, innovative Web browsers emerge
Senators Oppose Laptop Border Searches
Researchers hit a homer with 'The Odyssey'
Panasonic Launches Atom-based Toughbook Mini Laptop

The Game:

Lights, Camera, Action! PlayStation 3 Getting Downloadable Movies

Should you care about sex in video games ?
Murdering Hookers Is One Thing, but Having Sex With Them
Video games for chicks
Beatles video game planned
Playing a video game ? No, it's health therapy
Violent games =violent children?: Real links with kids' behavior

The Entertainers:

On-Screen Forecast: Hazy

Chris Noth out, Jeff Goldblum in on 'Law & Order'

What's Nicole Richie doing on 'Chuck'?

Pop Tarts: Did Joe Simpson Really Fit Jessica With Training Bra?
Jessica Simpson In Love, But Not Ready To Marry Tony Romo

Special Tribute to Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

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