Friday, August 29, 2008

Jog Blog 08-29-08

Media in Denial as Gustav Peters Out
Tracking Gustav’s Landfall
Bush heads to Texas to meet Gustav
Natgas tumbles 5 percent as Gustav weakens
Laura Bush: Katrina Mistakes Won't Be Repeated

Republican Nat. Convention '08

Hurricane Changes GOP Convention Plans
GOP cancels most first day activities
Laura fine w/ McCain distancing himself
Police raids enrage activists, alarm others
War Protesters to Proceed W/ March on GOP

McCain Taps Alaska Gov. Palin as VP
Sarah Palin Seen as GOP Rising Star

Dem National Covention '08:

Obama vows to keep 'American promise alive'
Obama: McCain `Doesn't Get It'
Promises of reform drive Obama's night
2008 Obama Convention Speech Transcript
American revolutionary?
Obama campaign confronts WGN radio
Text of Obama's e-mail about WGN-AM
Documents Highlight Relationship W/ Ayers

Today's Jog Blog
What Recession?
Surprise jump in US growth
US Economy Growing at Faster Rate
DNA results indicate Caylee is dead
Putin says US was behind conflict
Asian alliance snubs Russia
Junk crosses Pacific in 3 mo.
Rappers Call for O ' Reilly's Death
Duchovny enters sex rehab clinic
Guitar Praise:
Guitar Hero for Christians
Demi Moore lactating on friends?
DMX Makes Deal To Get Out Of Jail Early
'Mess USA' to teach charm school?
MIA denies supporting terrorism

Of Local Interest:
Clayton County schools lose accreditation
Zoo panda pregnant
Ryan , Shockley , Finneran in minor car accident
Ryan gets Falcons started in win
AJC: black gays 'flaunt' their alt. lifestyle
Boy, 12, leads cops on 60 mph chase
Student Arrested In Brookwood Arson Fire
Budget cuts could close 13 parks
Brother Indicted in Frozen Palace Shooting
Promise to dying father escapes on cat’s feet
Atlanta history, gone with the wind?
Georgia Do Not Call Reg. Passes Five Million

Trail Droppings:
Biden: Obama cannot win without Penn.
Biden: McCain's Just More of the Same
Me, Myself and I: BClinton Endorses Obama
Barack Obama makes a court appearance
Obama leaves the attacks to surrogates
Americans Elect Poodle as Obama's Top Dog
McCain's Says No Decision Yet on VP
Some Clinton Donors Are Contrib. to McCain
Avoiding a Lieberman Disaster
Preview of 'Time' Magazine 'GOP' Issue
Repubs send top-tier attack dogs to Denver
In Denver, Romney attacks Obama
Nader visits, brings celeb friends
Nader Stops By To Call Dems Corrupt
Does Nader hurt McCain in PA?
Barr Is Only Pres. Cand. On Ballot In Texas?
Bob Barr : Cigar with Al Gore, 48 ballots
Barr could help hand Montana to Obama

Snapshot of War:
Russia and Georgia Put out even more flags
Turkey in tight spot between Russia and NATO
Russia sees no EU sanctions over Georgia
Russia Plans To Cut Imports Of US Meat
UN urges Kashmir investigations
Iraq says US to hand over Sunni battleground
Iraq gives China access to oil-field
Iran condemned amid surge of youth hangings
'Most Americans may back strike on Iran '
Italy to summon Indian envoy over violence
'Safe passage' offer in Sri Lanka
Gaza blockade protesters going back to Cyprus

Missouri county posts meth lab seizures online
Kilpatrick sued for unpaid legal bills
5 lawyers won't testify at Kilpatrick's hearing
Massive refinery pipeline explosion in Texas
Hanging chads in Alaska primary?
Two hurt in Dallas crane collapse
Impact of Duncan's crimes linger in community
Fla. man charged in road rage shooting of agent
Pioneering Gay Rights Activist Del Martin Dies
CDC: Salmonella outbreak appears to be over

As the World Turns:
KBR Sued for Human Trafficking in Iraq
Serbia on intense manhunt for Mladic
Thais speak out on protests
Police to search gutted mansion for family
India auth. $200 million for monsoon floods
Anwar stages parliament walkout
Pakistani lawyers demand judges' reinstatement
6.1 quake strikes off western Canadian coast

In Sport:
No. 1 Ana Ivanovic suffers stunning upset at US Open
Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones cleared to play

Bloomberg publishes premature Jobs obit
US GDP Exceeds Initial Est. on Exports
Fannie Mae restructures mgmt, replaces CFO
Oil futures retreat as natural gas prices drop
Russian watchdog confirms US poultry ban
Unease Over Gustav Propels Crude
Internet Explorer gets makeover
Judge: Veoh's Transcoding Is Not Piracy
Asperger’s Added to British Hacker’s Defense
Chinese iPhone worker becomes Internet star
France admits to capping iPhone 3G speeds
Microsoft, Nikon Cross-License Patents

The Game:
Dragon * Con 2008 starts Friday
Pop culture stars of Dragon Con 2008
EA Tiburon's Tiger Woods game hits shelves
Tiger's new game offers realism, swing coach
Why LEGOs are Cool
Unsolved Crimes Investigated In September
British Army reveals latest training sim.

The Entertainers:
Madonna targeted in $400000 lawsuit
Phelps to host ' SNL ' premiere
Ryan Adams, Coming to a Bookshelf
Casting Facebook: The Movie
Guns n Roses leaker faces prison time
Hot Lixx Hulahan wins air guitar champ.

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